WIN! Two Copies Of Mass Effect 2 On Xbox 360

Commander Shepard's space opera continues on January 28 when Mass Effect 2 launches on Xbox 360 and PC. You'll have ten chances to win a copy over the next week. Here's how.

UPDATE: Friday's draw is now closed.

We've got ten copies of Mass Effect 2 to give away. Specifically:

* 2 x Mass Effect 2 Collectors Edition (Xbox 360) * 5 x Mass Effect 2 (Xbox 360) * 1 x Mass Effect 2 Collectors Edition (PC) * 2 x Mass Effect 2 (PC)

Between now and Tuesday I'll be offering up one or more of these to win each day. Today we have two copies on Xbox 360. It may not be the Collectors Edition, but you've got twice the chance to win.

In Mass Effect 2, Shepard recruits a squad of the galaxy's most elite soldiers and assassins to undertake the most dangerous mission of all. To win a copy of Mass Effect 2, we want to know which six people (real, fictional or possibly not even people - we'll be flexible here) you would recruit to join you on the most dangerous mission of all. Tell us which six people you'd pick and why they're right for the job.

Leave your entry in the comments below. Multiple entries will be discarded and only your first entry will count. You have until midnight tonight to enter. The winners will be announced tomorrow and stay tuned for a new draw over the weekend.

Good luck!

Oh, and congratulations to Steven Bogos and Adam Grabda for winning yesterday's PC draw. They both took the unconventional route and it paid off. Here's their deadly squads of six...

Steven Bogos: 1: An Action hero 2: An Internet Meme 3: A Sci-Fi reference 4: A Video Game Character 5: A Historical Figure 6: A personal friend

Adam Grabda: 1. Wii Fit 2. Wii Sports Resort 3. Wii Play 4. Mario Kart 5. New Super Mario Bros. 6. Wii Fit Plus

[Terms and Conditions]


    1. Batman - becuase he batman
    2.Spider-man - he is a teenager with powers
    3. Deadpool - he is a smart ass and you always need one of them
    4. Kratos - if anyone steps out of line he will rip them apart
    5. Old Snake - he can still kick ass even if he old as hell.
    6.Bayonetta - you need a chick

    A JVC RV-NB50 Kaboom Speaker
    24m of copper wire
    Jimi Hendrix
    A 24V battery
    A remote control car
    Pvt. Roycewicz, armed with a 1940s flamethrower.

    1. Where's Wally - he's super good @ hiding, so need him for stealth!
    2. Wario - Toxic gas for all occasions
    3. War from Darksiders - every trip needs someone with a beaming personality and good sense of humour, am i RIGHT?!?! (sarcasm not included)
    4. Chloe from Uncharted 2 to keep the boys morale up
    5. Whoever made this clip: - because every mission needs someone with such a genius/sick mind
    6. Token from South Park - on a dangerous mission where death is possible, and knowing all that we do from survival horror features need I elaborate why?

    How about?

    Babble - the baby of the team.
    Defamer - Beware the snide comeback
    Gizmodo - Tech Support
    Kotaku - Trusty Sidekick
    Lifehacker - One ingenious solution coming up!
    Sugar - There's always a hot babe on the team right?

    My team would consist entirely of buff men. (Or buff men in training.) This will help me get over the emotional scarring I recieved from Mass Effect 1, where my (I thought) heterosexual, female Shepherd had lesbian sex without my permission, when talking to the Consort. I mean, one minute we're talking, and the next, wham, we're doing it in cut scene. And when I played with a male Shepherd, there was unfortunately no reciprocal hot male/male scenes available. I was miffed that Bioware catered to the fantasies of its male/lesbian player demographic, but didn't do anything for women (or gay dudes). Choosing between Kaidan, and a stupid Asari is not a choice. Even if Kaidan was awesome.

    One guy is not a choice. So here's six to choose from:

    1) An alien of the, uh, Farari, species. These look like green, totally buff men. They're like the Asari, but they're men. Or like men. And hotter. Y'know.
    2) Kaidan. He had a lovely, gravelly voice.
    3) Carth. From Knights of the Old Republic 1. He had a lovely, gravelly voice.
    4) Raphael Sbarge. He has a lovely, gravelly voice.
    5) Sephiroth. The first of all my video game crushes. So beautiful and yet so tormented. Hug.
    6) My ex-boyfriend. The World of Warcraft addict, who couldn't make dinner dates because of his emotional over -committment to his guild. He needs to get into shape and there's nothing like saving the universe to help him with that. He can carry all the luggage.

    1) 3 Eyed Alien from Toy Story -Claw Worshipers. need someone with a little faith.
    2) Rhino the Hamster from bolt - Stealth specialist.
    3) ViVi - Behind the lines long distance fire power
    4) Bruce Willis - Tactician/Firepower
    5) Warhammer Orc Nob - Tank
    6) Alex Vaynce - Good with electronics, and Gorgeous to look at. You need a girl for the romance achievement right?

    My selections are dedicated to my fellow countrymen who are under constant threat of repatriation by over-enthusiastic Aussies

    1) Russell Crowe - Could win the war singlehandedly armed with only a phone.
    2) Phar Lap - Fastest kiwi ever born, to save me walking everywhere.
    3) Crowded House - For their weather controlling abilities as well as to provide entertainment.
    4) Hiphopopotamus - For his bottomless lyrics, sure to help out in tricky diplomatic situations.
    5) Rhymenoceros - For his experience with gang warfare from his time in the "Tough Bretts".
    6) Anna Paquin - Because otherwise, to quote FotC, there are "too many d*cks on the dancefloor".

    Roland Deschain - This gunslinger (the protagonist of Stephen King's the Dark Tower series) has had experience at
    fighting dangerous and often unknown enemies. Armed with his twin revolvers and a psuedo-magical skill set that
    all heighten his fearsome combat capabilities (such as inhuman firing speed and superhuman reflexes and accuracy)
    this man is a no-brainer for the situations where diplomacy fails and a "shoot first, ask questions later"
    attitude is needed. In additon to this, this man has an extraordinary ability to survive - he's lived through a
    tsunami of bullets, fires, plagues, even the "world moving on" (a sort of slow apocalypse that turns the world into
    a desolate wasteland). He even slaughtered a whole town on his way to the titular Dark Tower. Oh, and did I mention
    he pursued his ancient nemesis, Walter o'Dim, for over twenty years through a desert?

    Sherlock Holmes - Possibly the greatest detective ever, Sherlock Holmes's incredible observation, deduction and
    overall thirst for mystery and intrigue make him a much-needed addition to Commander Shepard's elite team. Holmes's
    profound capbility to logically connect point A to B and then correctly deduce that if A is connected to B, then
    C happened would be a invaluable asset to Commander Shepard as he traversed the galaxy, solving crimes and mysteries.
    Sherlock Holmes is no lightweight when it comes to combat, either - he is well-versed in pistols, fencing, chemistry
    and other useful subjects. His inclusion to this team is "Elementary, my dear Watson (or Shepard)."

    Confucius - A Chinese philosopher and thinker, the wise elder that is Confucius would present an interesting
    addition to the team. Confucius is knowledge on my aspects of the human life and surrounding enviroment,
    including politics, ethics, beliefs and even his ideals on the afterlife. His teachings and influence
    would engender understanding, tolerance and compassion within Commander Shepard's squad, something that
    could very well prevent any number of needless bloodshed. Even such hot-tempered species such as the krogan could
    learn something from this man.

    Charles Bishop Weyland - The longstanding trope of an evil megacorporation with a diabolical man at the helm seems
    to never go out of fashion, and Charles Weyland is another of these. However, this man is no ordinary fiend - he already has
    experience with aliens. Weyland's singleminded nature and willingness to get the job done (after all, he was willing to
    order his subordinates to impregnate a young girl and a woman with horrific Xenomorph embryo's in an effort to gain subjects
    with which to breed a biological weapon) would certainly come in handy when fighting the Collectors and Reapers.
    Not only does he already have experience with aliens, the Weyland-Yutani corporation is also a longrunning space exploration
    company - something that will no doubt prove beneficial to Shepard and his marauding compatriots.

    Marie Curie - A famous Polish and French physicist and chemist, Marie Curie would be the resident scientist in
    Shepard's crew. Curie's experiements with radioactive substances and radioactivity in general (indeed, she even coined the term)
    would be a powerful advantage when traversing hazardous planets or facing foes using such powers. Her experience with handling new
    and foreign materials would also aid Shepard's team in analysing and protecting themselves from any new weapons foes such as the Collectors
    or gethmight wield (that used these materials). With her help, substances that were once thought harmful or fatal to different
    species would have countermeasures developed.

    King Arthur - Long considered to be the greatest figure of any legend or story, King Arthur was said to have been the commander of
    the defense of Britain against the Saxon invaders in the early 6th Century. Arthur, accompanied by his famous sword Excalibur
    would be able to instil courage, valour and honor in his allies. Leading the charge in any battle, not even a Reaper
    could hope to stand against Arthur's legendary power and the evil-vanquishing properties of Excalibur. No doubt his
    powerful allies such as Merlin and the Knights of the Round Table would also aid him as he charges across the galaxies. (note:
    keep away from anyone called Mordred).

      Apologies for the strange paragraph formatting, it was 3-4am when I wrote it on Notepad.

    Tom Selleck - Large handguns and even larger moustaches, brings the manliness up to an all new level
    Tom Clancy - A mind that solidly understands the fundamentals of war and politics, and more importantly how they interact will no doubt come in useful on a galactic political stage
    Tom Cruise - The perfect mix of Action and Science Fiction (See the Mission Impossible franchise and various Scientology related rants respectively)
    Tom Jones - A little accompanying music never hurts during the action (See Mars Attacks!)
    Tom Sawyer - To help you find the joy in the little things along the way
    Tom Hanks - If he can find anthropomorphic company in a Volleyball with a hand print then surely it will make the leap to finding company in your AI compadres that much easier.

    1. Uranium - fuel and weapons.
    2. Helium - light entertainment (heh).
    3. Oxygen - a must.
    4. Hydrogen - for combining with the oxygen.
    5. Neon - to create light.
    6. Arsenic - for poisoning enemies.

    to kill an army of robots one needs an army of robots.

    Optimus Prime (old prime)
    Terminator (Arnie variant)
    a sex-bot (it is mass effect remember)
    the Macross (these guys need a ship to cruise around in and the macross transforms into a giant robot like thing)

    1. Humphrey B Bear - Bear with no pants whats not to like.
    2. Chrisco Hamper - My team will get hungry on our adventures.
    3. ING bank account - Need to buy ammo and guns so need to have a good savings account.
    4. Huey - from hueys cooking adventures - he's already a good adventurer and he can cook my food from the hamper.
    5. Soap (from Modern Warfare 2) - Good with Guns and I can make jokes about soap on a rope.
    6. House - House will be my medic.

    Detective Isaac Washington (House of the Dead: Overkill) – Every group engaging in dangerous missions needs an angry black man saying ‘mutha fucka’ at every given opportunity.

    Jake the Muss: His warrior days may be once gone, but feed him enough alcohol and he’ll go berserk. He’ll be most effective if the enemy deny any requests for eggs.

    Samus Aran: Is great at killing aliens, flying spaceships, and if we complete the mission quick enough, she’ll take her suit off.

    Machete (Danny Trejo) – Mexican day labourer, all day badass. Can kill without regard, and can fix all technical issues the ship may encounter. Definitely not the sort of Mexican the enemy will want fuck with!

    Dr Roxo (Metalocalypse) He does cocaine!… and will make the enemy feel uncomfortable in his presence.

    Tiger Woods – Someone needs to relieve the sexual tension in the crew.

    1) Sausages
    2) Beer
    3) BBQ
    4) TV playing some sort of sports (doesnt matter)
    5) Normandy floating through space
    6) A chair to sit back and watch and watch the alliance do the work, because Shepard is still tired from Mass Effect 1

    i'd just take 6 reapers from mass effect. It took the entire human army to take down 1 reaper imagine 6 reapers? i have a good point don't i...

    but one of the reapers names would have to be jim. i don't know why, but i just want a giant ancient alien creature named jim.

    1. A Level 80 Death Knight in Full PVP Gear, cause they're OP

    2. Sonic the Hedgehog - because as far as I’m concerned, him and he's games are dying anyway. A suicide mission might be the right career move.

    3. Mario - because after the 2D stint in New super mario bros, it's time to get some 3D action again. Plus alot of games reference him anyway.

    4. Barack Obama - because everyone believes he can save our planet, so why not put more on the plate? Plus he can talk like a diplomatic mofo, which is good for the conversing and decisions in Mass Effect 2.

    5. A terrorist - because obviously if you need to escape the best way to buy some time is to blow something up... You might need to take a few.

    6. David Wildgoose - because he can review the situation, then rate everyone’s performance after the battle. Also it's the most interesting last name I've seen, try and say it 10 times really quick.

    1. My Holographic Charizard
    2. Vault Boy
    3. Ranier Wolfcastle (Because guns don't kill people, he does)
    4. Master Chief (because eh kills aliens and dosen't afraid of anything)
    5. Goku (Obligatory Over 9000 reference)
    6. Your Mother...and her mother :P

    1.Jack Bauer, He survived 8 seasons of 24 FTW, well not 8 yet, but I'm sure he will still be alive by the time season 8 ends. This guy certainly will survives dangerous mission by himself.

    2.Doraemon, well this robot has certainly finished a lot of missions in doraemon adventure with his magic pocket haha

    3.Barrack Obama, he is the president of the United States, who can top that? secret service will protect him in any dangerous mission ftw

    4.Cloud Strife, because he is the money tree of square-enix, wayyy to many ff 7 products in the market, and he can slice all dangerous enemy he face.

    5.Cat woman, will seduce any enemies she face.

    6.Ironman, well no further explanation needed, his rocket and iron fist will pawn any enemy.

    1. Darth Vader : Intimidation value.

    2. Superman : Basically invincible

    3. Sherlock Holmes : High level intelligence

    4. Agent 47 aka Hitman : Can perform assassinations

    5. Batman : Gadgets and $$$$$

    6. Gordon Freeman : He can do a lot with a crowbar.

    1. Jessica Alba - sexy Brunette
    2. Scarlett Johansen - sexy Blonde
    3. Christina Hendricks - sexy Redhead
    4. Chef (Southpark) - Music (Setting the scene)
    5. Jamie Oliver - Cook
    6. Chuck Norris - Killing people

    As we all know Chuck Norris > all so while he is doing his thing I can kick back with good food, good tunes and some pretty ladies. This is Mass Effect after all so it is a sure thing too.

    1 Crates - good things are stored in crates
    2 Invisible walls - just when the enemy thought they could fit through/over that gap
    3 3rd person camera angle - enemy won't see you hiding behind those crates
    4 A Princess - eye candy and love interest
    5 A Mushroom - preferebly one twice the normal size of a human, or a magic one.
    6 Windows ME- will crash any computer system without predjudice

    1. Chuck Norris's beard (with hidden third fist of Chuck Norris) - I expect that everyone will nominate Chuck Norris himself to help save the galaxy, but it’s a well known fact that his beard alone would be capable for the job.

    2. Jack O'Neil - Everyone needs a wisecracking General for when the going gets tough.

    3. Starbuck (BSG Reboot) - I'll need an ace pilot to help me save the galaxy, it's a bonus that she's smokin' hot!

    4. Someone who is good at conversation - Those space elevators can be awkward as hell!

    5. A clean pair of undies - Mum said never leave home without them!

    6. A D20 Die - That's just how my squad rolls!

    1) Blinky
    2) Pinky
    3) Inky
    4) Clyde

    The four ghosts from Pacman, as no matter what they always get their enemy/pacman eventually.

    5) Yeti (from skifree - for the same reason above)
    6) Goomba (wearing a red shirt) as you always need a team member to sacrifice.

    1. Indiana Jones: You might say Indiana Jones is out of his time and place if we hurl him into the world of Mass Effect. I say that you have no idea how effective a whip and a charming grin are until the exact moment you regret not having them. He's cunning, has a PhD, and can survive nuclear explosions by hiding in everyday household appliances.

    2. Han Solo: An experienced space pilot, smuggler and handy in a bar fight. You can't not have this guy on your side. Sure he doesn't go in for hokey religions and prefers a good blaster at his side than faith in an all-powerful, but that's the attitude that scored him the damn princess.

    3. Rick Deckard: You want to find the Reapers, this is your guy. You want to find anything, this is your guy. He takes on the things specifically designed to kill him, so anything with a secondary purpose to that doesn't stand a chance. Also, the chances of him turning out to be a Reaper at the end are pretty small.

    4. Jack Ryan: Whether it's accidentally defending the British Royal Family from terrorists or fighting Colombian drug cartels, here's a man who can do anything and add drama to any scene. ANY scene. If Jack Ryan is in the room, you're probably not meant to be.

    5. Jack Stanfield: The best thing about computer security guys is that they know how to counter computer security too. No lockbox in the world of Mass Effect will be safe with thiss guy on your wing. Did your hard drive just go quiet whileyou were reading this? It's not idle. It's scared.

    6. Harrison Ford: Motion-capture modelling.

    1. The guy who lives around the corner and throws his leftovers at passers by - He clearly has alot of pent up rage and would be an excellent soldier.

    2. Colonel Sanders - we need to eat whilst on various missions....

    3. Mum...who the hell else will tuck me in at night :D

    4. Jesus - would definately use his awesome magic skills to teleport us out of sticky situations

    5. Brucie (from GTA 4) - when ever the team needs an ultra masculine pep talk to get the blood pumping...APLHA!

    6. A poster of Liz Hurley in her know...for all those sleepless nights and stuff...

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