WIN! Two Copies Of Mass Effect 2 On Xbox 360

Commander Shepard's space opera continues on January 28 when Mass Effect 2 launches on Xbox 360 and PC. You'll have ten chances to win a copy over the next week. Here's how.

UPDATE: Friday's draw is now closed.

We've got ten copies of Mass Effect 2 to give away. Specifically:

* 2 x Mass Effect 2 Collectors Edition (Xbox 360) * 5 x Mass Effect 2 (Xbox 360) * 1 x Mass Effect 2 Collectors Edition (PC) * 2 x Mass Effect 2 (PC)

Between now and Tuesday I'll be offering up one or more of these to win each day. Today we have two copies on Xbox 360. It may not be the Collectors Edition, but you've got twice the chance to win.

In Mass Effect 2, Shepard recruits a squad of the galaxy's most elite soldiers and assassins to undertake the most dangerous mission of all. To win a copy of Mass Effect 2, we want to know which six people (real, fictional or possibly not even people - we'll be flexible here) you would recruit to join you on the most dangerous mission of all. Tell us which six people you'd pick and why they're right for the job.

Leave your entry in the comments below. Multiple entries will be discarded and only your first entry will count. You have until midnight tonight to enter. The winners will be announced tomorrow and stay tuned for a new draw over the weekend.

Good luck!

Oh, and congratulations to Steven Bogos and Adam Grabda for winning yesterday's PC draw. They both took the unconventional route and it paid off. Here's their deadly squads of six...

Steven Bogos: 1: An Action hero 2: An Internet Meme 3: A Sci-Fi reference 4: A Video Game Character 5: A Historical Figure 6: A personal friend

Adam Grabda: 1. Wii Fit 2. Wii Sports Resort 3. Wii Play 4. Mario Kart 5. New Super Mario Bros. 6. Wii Fit Plus

[Terms and Conditions]


    1)Neil Patrick Harris. 2)Pele. 3)Lloyd Dobler. 4)Atticus Finch. 5)Philip Pirrip aka Pip (John Mills version). 6)Tintin. For substitutes I would have Asterix and Obelix, and Maggie Gyllenhaal, Zooey Deschanel and Emily Blunt for 3-person cheersquad.

    1. The Star Wars kid. Head of security. 'cos we're gonna need someone who can kick ass.
    2. Jamie Oliver. Chef. I'm sure he can cook up something from the exotic creatures we kill. If the creature is hungry I'd happily feed it Jamie Oliver.
    3. Tom Tom. Navigator. What could go wrong?
    4. Dr Suess. In case someone gets hurt. Oh wait - is he a real doctor?
    5. Groundskeeper Willy. Janitor. Every ship needs at least one janitor and one angry Scottish man, two for one!
    6. Jones - The cat from Aliens. We're gonna need all the luck we can get, and he was lucky right?

    1.starwars ep1
    2.starwars ep2
    3.starwars ep3
    4.starwars ep4
    5.starwars ep5
    6.starwars ep6

    Ok just the old movies and chuck in 3 knights of the old republic games

    1) George Bush - (as the read shirt Star Trek Guy) you can never have enough cannon fodder :)
    2) Arnold Schwarznegger - Used as big distraction and can confuse people with this Californgerman polticial double speak.
    3) Clint Eastwood - when all else fails, just squint !!!
    4) ALF - You will need a fuzzy Alien Life Form to communicate with all the other weirdos.
    5) Jackie Chan - for when it the action gets up close and slap stick
    6) Chuck Norris - nohting beats the Chuck !!!

    1. A Navi from avatar
    2. David wildgoose- I hear he is good with a firearm.
    3. An Actavision employee- if they can't phisically kill them then they can destroy their hopes and dreams (which is the same thing right?
    4. A woman- for making great sammmiches
    5. An American- so that he won't ruin Aussie servers anymore with his high ping game! Grrr
    6. And ofcourse my friend- who is awesome at halo, and I heard space and halo are the exact same

    My team will be taking a different approach to attack:

    Fat Bastard “get in my belly” and 5 Oompa loompas as an energy soure

    Genghis Khan - You've seen Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, you know how RAD he is...

    Gordon Freeman - 'nuff said

    Zapp Brannigan - While providing no actual help in a battle or investigations, if we were to lose a fight or fail a mission, Zapp can make it look like we won in a bizarre and convoluted fashion.

    Adam Savage - See below

    Jamie Hyneman - The Mythbusters team would be a source of both comedy and bizarre, dangerous weapons. They could also be used to test if plot-points or alien tech/devices actually work or make sense and change the plot depending on the outcome.

    The Giant Squid from Watchmen - Crazy psych powers, can take a lot of damage, could carry a lot.

    In times of war it is often difficult to ask people to possibly sacrifice their lives for a noble cause. To alleviate this problem I like a good government will incoporate the

    "Draft System"

    Six unlucky suckers who's number is up will get to accompany me.

    Propaganda is essential for this to work and many levels of government will get involved to keep the peace and good news flowing.

    1. A George Foreman Grill – They have successfully invaded just about every kitchen on Earth and should make the task of overcoming enemy planets that much easier.
    2. The Eiffel Tower – because it’s been stuck in the same place for a long time and deserves a holiday.
    3. Ray Martin’s Hair – As Ray proved over his career, his hair helmet is impervious to all forms of attack. We all want to be there the old philosophical question, ‘What happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object?’ is answered.
    4. An X-Box 360 – It is customary on many alien planets to exchange three red rings at wedding ceremonies.
    5. Pluto – Since losing its status as a planet Pluto feels it has nothing to loose, which is a great quality to exploit when facing interplanetary conflict.
    6. My Right Shoe – It’s a lot tighter than my left shoe and should make better decisions when buying and selling squad equipment.

    1. my mum- She can cook up a feast for a king, she can literally bite glass and power up to her fists of furry, Don't underestimate her coz just a click of your fingers and pow! your gone

    2. Chuck Norris- All those sayings about him are true, NUFF said

    3. Saxton Hale- The Australian's Chuck Norris from TF2. Owner of the multi billion corperation Man Co., He can research new weapons and devices to take down the enemy

    4. MacGyver- He can make a device from any household items, In a cell ? No problem, he can help the team break out.

    5. Captain Underpants- provides clean undies for the team and attacks enemies with undies

    6. Seinfield- Provides laughter and humour for the team and can make enemies die laughing

    With these team members I can OWN anyone who stands in our way. Taking us on will be suicide

    1. A turtle.
    2. Another turtle.
    3. A cat.
    4. A piece of toast.
    5. Butter
    6. Duct tape.

    It is a well known fact that once a turtle is on its back, it cannot get up again. To solve this, I would duct tape the two turtles together, back to back. In this configuration, they would be unstoppable.

    It is also well know that a cat always lands feet first, and toast always lands butter side down. With this in mind, a similar scenario to the afore-mentioned turtles plays out. I butter the toast, and duct tape it to the cats back, butter side up. Combined, these two forces will create something unnatural, and totally invincible.

    With these six items combined, I would then duct tape the whole thing together. With the newly-created Caturtletoast, it would be almost too easy to rule the galaxy.

    Hmm, assembing a new elite team eh? Okay, here goes:

    Nico Bellic (GTA4): Jack of all trades. Driver, pilot, soldier and seducer of the wrong women. An ideal addition to the team for his ability to drive the mako over dozens of innocents whilst shooting at the bad guy, after the mission he feels bad about killing the bad guy.

    Dr Byron Orpheus (The Venture Brothers): Eperienced, stylish, comes with his own dramatic sting and thanks to his booming overdramatic voice I'd never be in doubt of when he disagrees with something. Fills the role of biotic and nagging/shouting moral compass. Also has a really hot goth daughter.

    The Emperor (Warhammer 40000): Incredibly powerful and as close to a mortal god as you can get. Special powers include the creation of an army of near unstoppable superhuman space marines and general arse kicking.

    Alma: What team couldn't benefit from an incredibly overpowered and exclusively pissed off girl who can kill with a mere thought. With Alma on the left and Subject Zero on the right little would survive (possibly including yourself)

    Dr Beverly Crusher (Star Trek The Next Generation): Every team needs a medic, who better than a hot redhead milf who can confuse the enemy with tap dancing? Just so long as she doesn't drag her son along...

    Albert (The Magic Pudding): Because sometimes you just need a snack in between killing the bad guys. With such a diverse crew its either an incredibly expensive and tempramental gormet chef or a crewman you can eat, who reforms rapidly and who can taste like anything you fancy. He may not have it in the combat department but there's not many enemies who wouldn't do a double take when confronted with a cantankerous grumbling pudding charging at them on spindly little legs.

    My Ultimate Shepard Squad:

    1. Tamed Sovereign: This guy managed to destroy a bunch of Alliance ships only using lasers from its tentacles, so naturally, he’s gonna be my heavy fire support guy. And since this thing is a true AI, it could be a companion to the Normandy SR-2 on those long, lonely space flights

    2. The Stig (from Top Gear): This guy can probably drive the Mako much better than I can, especially in those sheer cliff hilly parts of the first game (Yea the Mako isn’t making a comeback but still, a good driver is always useful)

    3. Emma Watson: With that look, her charm talent would be maxed out from the beginning of the game. She’d be able to calm down a million angry Wrexs without doing his family armour quest first. And if the need arises, she could probably be Hermione Granger and expelliarmus enemies’ weapons and omni tools and bio-amps, disabling tech, weapons and biotics.

    4. Mewtwo: The Ultimate, Kickass, Unbeatable Adept. Need I Say More?

    5. John Rambo (Before he got old :P): In those encounters to jungle type planets, this guy would be very useful. Even in city type situations, this guy would still be very useful, as he seems immortal, probably using continuous immunity with Fitness talent on max. He’ll soak up all the damage.

    6. Sheldon Cooper (From Big Bang Theory): Scientist on board, possibly accompanied by engineer Professor Frink (From Simpsons) to help me research new armour, weapons and upgrade my Normandy SR-2. Furthermore, Sheldon’s lack of understanding of everyday interactions will provide more humour than Liara’s lack of understanding of humans.

    1: Green Ranger
    2: Pink Ranger
    3: White Ranger
    4: Red Ranger
    5: Black Ranger
    6: A mutant formed by combined all (I mean all) rangers similar to a katamari ball of screaming death

    1 - Master Chief
    2 - Mr. T.
    3 - Arnie
    4 - A T-800 Terminator
    5 - Altair
    6 - Bruce Lee

    1. Zapp Brannigan (Futurama) - Charm and Seduction is the key to winning the war, and Captain Brannigan has both. Using these two key perks he'll seduce his way through space, no Woman (or man?) can resist. Especially if we run into giant Amazonian Women.

    2. Johnny 5 (Short Circuit) - He may not be the most advanced robot you've ever seen, but by god can he get the job done. And if you piss him off, he will not forget your face.

    3. Egon Spengler (Ghostbusters) - Every team needs a Scientist right? I can always trust Spengler to keep me up to date with the latest technology, whether it be a Proton Pack or PKE Meter.

    4. Turbo-Man (Jingle all the way) - It's Turbo Time! Using his Turbo Discs and his Jetpack, he's sure to scare the living daylights out of anyone that stands in our way.

    5. Seymour (Futurama) - When it comes to a Team Pet, It would have to be good old Seymour. He'll be there all the time, barking out "Walking on Sunshine", he'll help us navigate our way through the many planets we visit. And generally just be the most awesome Pet anyone could have.

    6. Serious Sam (Serious Sam) - Move over Shepard, Sam isn't afraid of anything, we could just set up camp and he'll be standing hours on end with his Double Barreled Shotgun and Canon.

    1.My Girlfriend - She's HOT

    2.My best mate - We enjoy chugging beer together

    3.My dad - He has answers to EVERYTHING

    4.My mum - She's like, psychic sometimes...

    5.My good uncle - He makes Macgyver look uneducated

    6.Kevin Rudd - I'll give him the worst armors, just to watch him die over and over.

    1. My Mum - to bake cookies and heal the (some of) troops.
    2. Stephen Conroy - the much needed decoy.
    3. Tron Guy - I think he would provide much needed conversation, if not target practice.
    4. Kit - He is a talking car, with AI. Need I say more. Perhaps I do, brmmmmmmmmmm! It's the transport.
    5. Basil Fawlty - To yell abuse at the enemy. Hehe, he jumps so much when he yells.
    ------ Drum Roll ------
    6. William Shatner - Oh, Shatner. I don't care that you have no hair. You are my dream boat. The man is a genius and god. What can't he do?

    1. Mario-

    1.Hot Sauce
    2.BBQ Sauce
    2.Soy Sauce
    3.Char Sui Sauce
    4.Worchestershire Sauce
    5.Tandoori Marinade
    6.Tomato Sauce

    Space experience is a necessity.

    1. Spike Spiegel - World class bad-ass.

    2. Malcolm Reynolds - World class bad-ass.

    3. Han Solo - World class bad-ass AND a pilot. With legs that don't break like wet balsa wood.

    4. River Tam - Agile, deadly. Catchphrase "I can kill you with my brain".

    5. Dr. Zoidberg - Terrible doctor, but he looks great in my aquarium.

    6. Samus Aran - Paramour: 50G
    Successfully pursue a relationship with a team-mate.

    Because something tells me "pursue a relationship" isn't Samus inviting me into her quarters for tea and biscuits. Achievement unlocked indeed.

    1/2/3. 3 ghosts from the lord of the rings (they cant die)
    4. Anakin Skywalker (he can pilot the ship filled with the ghosts...unless, can ghost fly through space? if so we don't need him)
    5. myself because my mum says i can be whoever i want to be and do what ever i want to do
    6.a question, ill freeze everyone with the conundrum "how long is a piece of string" lets see you work that one out intergalactical space noobs

    My six team mates would be...

    The Soldier
    The Pyro
    The Engineer
    The Medic
    The Sniper
    The Spy

    Justifications (not that they need it): a rocket powered offence; fire in zero gravity, how could it possibly go wrong?; never leave home without an engineer, just don't; the obligatory German accent; a martial arts expert; and what spy? I don't see any spy.

    The Demo isn't invited because he lost the war and I wouldn't let losers on my starship. The Scout and The Heavy are out because they'd always be fighting over food (when they should be killing aliens).

    Oh, and in case you were wondering, they're all RED; not having any of those pathetic BLU's on my ship either.

    1. Revolver Ocelot, that guys got a billion lives
    2. McGyver, he makes bombs out of coat hangers
    3. Privare Hudson from Aliens, he seems to have a pretty good handle on those portable hand scannners
    4. Tyler Durden from Fight Club, Strength and Conditioning Coach
    5. Keyser Söze, he IS the devil after all
    6. Finally, Anyone from the Cannon Fodder game, because "war has never been so much fun"

    PS. I wouldnt choose Chuck Norris or Leeroy Jethro Gibbs because they'd finish the battle too quickly, and that would be no fun at all

    My crack team consists of...

    Baldwin P. "Bulletproof" Vess (Earth): commander in chief of C.O.P.S. (Central Organization of Police Specialists). He is a great detective and a resourceful problem solver. His cybernetic chest armour also has the ability to hack computers and machines.

    Marshall Bravestarr (Fire): From the planet New Texas, Marshall Bravestarr has the powers of eyes of the hawk, ears of the wolf, strength of the bear and speed of the puma.

    Bluegrass (Wind): Partly metal, partly real, He is second in command of the Silver hawks. He is a great pilot, cowboy and musician. Plus his sonic guitar is a deadly weapon.

    Panthro (Water): Engineer extraordinaire and a skilled martial artist wielding fire and ice breathing nun-chucks. He also built the thunder tank and designed the Cats Lair.

    Prince Adam of Eternia (Heart) : While he appears a mild mannered aristocrat if he holds aloft his magic sword and says the magic words “I have the power!” he becomes He-man, master swordsman and "The Most Powerful Man In The Universe". Also having a Battle Cat is often handy and he can keep Panthro from feeling home sick.

    And finally

    Captain Planet: He is a hero and he is going to take pollution down to zero! Controlling the very forces of nature he has immense power, and he helps clean up the environment at the same time. While he is not always present the other 5 members carry the elemental rings that contain his essence. "The Power is yours!"

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