World Of Warcraft's Arena Season 8 Armour Is Quite Fetching

Blizzard has posted pictures of the Arena Season 8 armour for World of Warcraft, showing off what the fashionable cold-blooded killers will be wearing about town.

Quite a lovely selection this time around, especially the mage. I really like the look of the mask there. Of course I set foot in the arena once, was killed in seconds, and vowed never to return again, so chances of me parading around in any of this is very slim. Besides, it all looks better on gnomes anyway.

Death Knight











    They all look the same.

    And so the vicious gear cycle continues... I'm glad I escaped the engulfing vagina that is World of Warcraft.

      Amen to that!!!

      That slight pang of wanting comes from the part of us that hates ourselves..

      Engulfing vagina. Brilliant!

      I vote this comment 'Post of 2010'.

      I've been 'out of the vagina' for over a year now, after 4 years of near solid playing. Strange how much more relaxed and the free time I have now.

      Tho randomly, when stressed - I want to go back, let it consume me, hide from everything else...
      Kinda like real drugs I guess O_o

    how is a rouge meant to stealth with glowing shoulders! and why does the paladin look more like a mage then a mage does


      Thats because the pally and mage sets have been swapped on this page. They're actually the other way around.

      And Rogue. Rouge goes on your face.

      There is a dimmer switch on his left nipple.

    Why do the mage and warlock gears look like mail when the hunter gear looks like cloth

    why are half of them skirts? srsly.

      real men wear skirts, duh

    The armor looks like something a depressed teenager would wear to a goth halloween party.Outlands gear was definitly a high point, something to be proud of that looked good. This stuff looks like what the members of some creepy cult would wear.Definitly not attractive or intimidating, it just fades into the shadows.

    Why is it that the Warrior and Warloc look more like a death-like knight then the death knight it self?

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