X10 Sees Microsoft Return To Hosting Its Own Game Show

Having abandoned the show to the Canadian wilderness in recent years, Microsoft is bringing its "X" event back into the limelight in 2010, with a showcase night planned to take place in San Francisco next month.

The last proper "X" event was all the way back in 2006, when Peter Jackson was in attendance promising great things, Microsoft's HD-DVD Drive still had an air of optimism about it and two young game designers shamed us with their dental hygiene standards.

This year's event will be showcasing a range of titles we've already seen (Alan Wake, Crackdown 2, Xbox Game Room and FFXIII) and some games we've already seen, but only fleetingly (Fable III, Halo: Reach & some promised Left 4 Dead 2 "add-ons").

The saddest/funniest part of the night? Splinter Cell: Conviction will be making its second X appearance, having been first announced back at X06 in Barcelona, three and a half years ago.

Microsoft of course promise there'll be more on show when it all kicks off on February 11, but we hear the focus will be on existing titles on the cusp of release, rather than announcing brand new projects.


    I expected something like this to be announced earlier than this. Good to know, i was only thinking about the X events a while back and wondered by MS ever abandoned them.

    It's just like Apple leaving MacWorld - its more of a selfish choice I believe. Especially when its an event thats quite high profile, in which both cases the events are, for the thing they're celebrating.

    An event like MacWorld or X, to me, seems like an event companies like MS or Apple would be more excited to present at and present BIG things rather than just trailers of this and that, that we've already seen. I hope X10 shows us a lot more than that E3 or GDC have.

    I want Halo Reach gameplay, but i reckon a BETA date announcement will be given. Alan Wake will have a release date, as will Conviction (I even expect a release date earlier than Feb 11th for that).
    Crackdown 2 will also release some sweet gameplay trailers PLUS announce a frame for its release date along with EXCLUSIVE BETA ACCESS to an un-announced, but X10 announced Xbox 360 exclusive game that could be Gears of War 3 or something totally new.

    But we can only dream...

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