Xbox 360: 39 Million Consoles Sold, Only Half Are On Xbox Live

To go with their big address at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier today, Microsoft released some statistics on Xbox Live and the Xbox 360's install base.

To date, around 39 million Xbox 360 consoles have been sold worldwide, while there are 20 million people on Xbox Live (no disclosure was made on how many are Gold subscribers). Odd, you would have thought the ratio on that would be much higher considering Xbox Live is one of the console's main drawcards.

As for those Xbox Live users, 10 million have used non-gaming applications like Twitter, Facebook and Netflix. Only half? Again, would have expected it to be a little higher.

Rounding out the numbers was news that 500 million Xbox 360 games have been sold since the console's launch. That's nearly 13 per console. Not bad.


    Theres an obvious answer for this. 40 million sold because 20 million red ringed.

      I always get a kick out of people saying that. Tell me, do you own a 360?

        Yes. on my 3rd one. First one was stolen in a robbery, 2nd died when the graphics card failed (wasn't red ring, just no picture).

          Epic FAIL Josh. You got PWNED!

            I agree.. you have nfi josh.. Ive got 4 RROD consoles in my cupboard.. they are beyond x-clamp fixing as well..

            And lets not forget all the consoles that were on live but got banned.. I went out and bought a 2nd console as a result.. as did many others I know..

            So Ive got 5 of the 39mil sold in my house atm.. thats 20% of the ones I own are on live.. so If MS reckons they have just over half the consoles online they are kidding themselves..

        I've got 4 dead 360s here too. Looking for an older model to run freeboot now... Would love to know how many 360s are still alive out of their 39 million.

      i like that. A friends broke a few months after warranty expired, he bought a ps3 :S.

      Then again i also have afriend that bought a launch console, and it hasnt broken AT ALL

      The RROD is not the cause of extra sales - that's a pretty uninformed comment to make.

      Can't help but agree with Ross' statement. I know I'm on my second console. Have more than 13 games though. :P true

      Nah, 10 million red ringed, 10 million are illegally modded to play pirate games

      Ohh you funny fanboy bastard.
      Let me tell you a story which is becoming more and more common.

      All my 3 friends PS3 consoles failed, because they were out of warranty Sony wanted $350 each to fix them. We looked around and found someone local who would do it for $150, so they all had their consoles fixed by him instead of Sony.

      While we were there we saw a table filled with broken PS3's (about 15+), he said that is all he has been fixing lately.

      My 2 friends sold their consoles afterwards and bought the slim, my other friends PS3 died again and he got a slim.

      So don't go making uninformed comments like that.

      The fact is early PS3 consoles are failing but because Sony did not repair these, they are not counted by Sony, Meanwhile Microsoft fixes them free of charge and obviously counts them.

        here is another "uninformed" comment for you

        I know about 40 people with PS3 - and only 3 including myself - have had issues with their machine

        I know 3 people with XBOX360's and all 3 have suffered RRODs

        So your stats mean nothing, or mean about as much as mine

        For the record, I own a PS3, X360 and Wii

      Actually its should be 10million RRoD from 30 million. 30% remember?

      The magic number was supposed to be about ~35% wasn't it? So the question is, how many of the ~14 Million purchase a new console instead?

      Yeah, I was going to say something similar. Im on my third one now :(

      Haha yeah true, there's alot of Hardcore Xbox 360 gamers who go through multiple systems because of the RROD.

      You forgot mention, out of the 20 million non red ringed Xbox360, 1 million is banned from Xbox Live

      Damn, you beat me to the obvious joke! Add to that the fact that XBox live is the only one of the "big three" which charges a subscription fee for online access and you can see why the numbers suck so badly.

      Two problems with this logic if it is a jab at the 360:

      a.) even though it fucked up people thought it was so good, they bought another, meaning that in reality, it is a massive 26 per console

      b.) you can get a free replacement within 3 years of purchase...

        You can't get a free replacement if you have opened it. In my case they didn't bring the 3 yr warranty in until about 6 months after mine died, so I'd already opened it to try and revive it.
        My 2nd box I opened it to fit extra cooling, but it died anyway, once again, MS wouldn't fix it of course.
        3rd one died with the E79 error instead of red-ring, MS wouldn't fix it for free, so I opened it and got another six months out of it. Then MS extended the warranty to E79 but I missed out again.
        Fourth one I modded, so it serves me right.

        I've bought a PS3 now, and am looking to freeboot a Jasper just to use the 360 for homebrew.

        Anyone that modded or opened their 360 for any reason can't get a replacement. There must be millions of them out of commision, it does mean however that the game attach rate is good.

      Also 40 million sold because 20 million were banned from live for playing pirated games online.Then those people went out and purchased another 360 because the ban screwed up their HDD game install feature.And they now have a new modded machine that they are not risking going on live with again.That's why the numbers of players on live has greatly reduced.
      I heard if you also have a 3rd party 360 HDD and memory unit,the new dash update screws that as well.
      Nice for MS to make you go out and buy original HDD's and memory units.It's all about making more money out of it's already milked customers.


    I am surprised the number is that high
    More than half of all sold would have broken ( red ring)
    Maybe they sold 40 million , i would think 10 - 15 million unique users

    Consoles that red ring and are replaced under warranty do not count as another sale, obviously.

    Many people (like myself), feel live to be a bit of a ripoff, why should I pay for something (multi-player gaming) that I've had for free on PC for years, and is also free on the competing two platforms? I would have thought with all the money Microsoft have made ripping people off for DLC, they could drop the subscription fee. People like this don't make up a HUGE percentage, the rest of the people who don't use LIVE are probably the soccer moms and frat boys who don't even know what it is.

    The twitter/facebook one is more obvious, why would you use it on a console, when you can get up, walk to your computer and use it on there, with a MUCH better interface and input?

    Well i'm on to my 5th Xbox so i would guess that there are alot more than 50% that have red ringed

    Long live the SNES

    Theres alot of people i know with more than 1 360 in house.. i have 2 my self but some people i know now have upto 5

    Well I know mines banned so that's why mine isn't on it, I'm sure there is plenty of others with similar situation. But in all honestly I have no idea how anyone can talk up Xbox Live, the amount of lag and frustration it causes with such poor ways of communicating with people is the reason I just don't care for it. Peer-to-peer gaming is always fail in everything especially when you can't even choose basic functions like maps, settings, etc.

    Maybe in 10 years time consoles will finally catch up to PCs

      You have NFI, Gerbil.. nada.

    39 million sold because 38.5 million Red Ringed

    Microsoft, went into an emergency overdrive on the account of the huge numbers of Red Ringed consoles. Allocating close to a billion yankee greenbacks in anticipation - and to cover - for the cost of the repairs. So, with this precaution set into motion, they never saw it fit to fix the damn consoles by doing a complete overhaul of the internal architecture. Why? Because 'that' huge lump of money has already been assigned to address the problem of the increasing hardware failure rate, and it would have cost Microsoft 'way' more than the billion allocated for the red ringed repairs to go and do a complete overhaul of the internal architecture... I guess this is why the Jasper units, with its lower failure rates and all, has been so slowly forthcoming.

    At the very least, they are finally here to do what they were designed to do... and I for one am glad that they are here.

    Anyway, @Ross Edwards, I wouldn't say it's exactly half of them that Red Ringed. Although, having said that, I wouldn't be surprised if the 'actual' numbers are somewhere, and indeed, relatively close to that assumption of yours.

    I, myself, have two Xpoxy units. One Red Ringed - the Elite, Falcon unit - and so I got an Arcade Jasper unit whilst the other was being serviced. It Red Ringed right after I declined to renew my Xpoxy Live Account. Coincidence, huh? I know! :p

    After that day, I've never viewed Microsoft or indeed my console the same way again... Ah well.

    How many of them 20 million were banned though...

    its more likely you have 20 million PC users who have an Xbox for the hell of it ( party games/expensive dvd player) and though "get fucked, i aint paying another fee ontop of my already overpriced internet plan just use a shitty service that my PC is able to beat and more"

    They say that like it's a bad thing to not be on Live.
    Yeah, I miss out on some game fixing patches but, on the other hand, I can still use the dupe glitch in Oblivion.

      u can use the dupe glitch live as of a month ago. i should know after trying to break my console with millions of items. happy to say i was successful :D

    The main part to this is... its still beating PS3s sales even though people are well aware of its hardware failures.


    I think you are all missing the obvious, reason I don't go on live is cause you have to pay 100 bucks a year to go on live.

    So I pay for my 360, then I buy a game, then I pay for my internet connection and then have to pay Microsoft 100 bucks a year for the privilege to use them all together? Give me a break

      Actually with a 360 Live is free. You only pay for gold if you want to play online (and the occasional special deal).

      The old xbox you had to pay to use live at all. Silver (free membership) on 360 gives you all the patches and lets you get movies, demos, digital purchases etc

      Unless you mod your box, then your in for a world of pain.

    My xbox live membership dosen't work anymore, the same with the downloaded content I bought for the games. When one console failed I swapped the hard drive over to the new one and everything came up as having downloaded demos and not full version. And my gold membership didn't work anymore. Still didn't help when I recovered my gamertag. More money gone to microsoft for nothing in return.

      you have to play the games on live once after a replacement console. happened to me too its part of micro$oft's security

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