Xbox 360's Game Room Wants You To Rebuy Your "Arcade"

When the Xbox 360 gets its Game Room later this year, players will have to repopulate the arcade with titles no matter what they have already purchased through Xbox Live, Game Informer reports.

That's because Microsoft considers the Game Room titles, which are "originals, different from the Xbox Live Arcade titles, which are revamps," GI reports. That sounds like a bit of a stretch to me, especially considering the fact that there isn't much added in the way of gameplay or elements, just an on-rails 3D environment in which to play the games.

And what happens when we move to a new console down the line? Will that require yet another repurchase of all of the games we already own because it's a different environment?

I'm not sure I'd be willing to bite, at least not until the Game Room lets me wander around, sandbox-style, inside the arcade.

If you missed it, and are curious how the room looks and works, check out our narrated hands-on from CES.

Microsoft Re-Charging For Game Room Arcade Games [Game Informer, via GamePro]


    Wow, fricken Microsoft, way to go!

    See here; I guess the Microsoft head honchos figured if we're stupid enough to purchase, or renew our Xbox Live accounts, whether for the first time or annually, then we're stupid enough to re-purchase them again for the Arcade Room "experience".

    Going by that logic, it only makes sense, to the greedy f'tarts that is Microsoft.

    I really, really feel stupid to have bought a yearly Xbox Live account, however, this is my first and last time. Residing in Australia makes it even more redundant because our speeds are so terrible for online gaming.

    Pretty cynical move there from Microsoft. The draw of game room wasn't that big to begin with (especially the pricing) so they could've pulled a good winner if they said older arcade games were compatible.

    Ah well, people can always spend their Microsoft Points on avatar tidbits, themes and other useless junk.

    Xbox live is the biggest rip off. I just downloaded the Assassin’s Creed II DLC and it only lets me play it when I'm online. And all my downloaded games appear as trial version when I'm offline as well.

      I'd say thats a bug right their rather than a MS Scam.
      NEVER had that issue before.
      And whats so wrong with being connected to XBL to play AC2?? Doesn't mean you have to be a Gold Member.

      But for the record, i usually let things like this slide when it comes to MS. Just brush it off, mainly cause i know they do screw up a lot but i love my XBOX that much.


      Sounds like you've replaced yoru console and downloaded the content to a secondary console. You can fix it by going online at the xbox website and entering your console ID to make it the primary.

      I had to do the same when I traded my white 360 in for an elite.

    Hang on can someone clarify this for me:

    Do we still get to keep our XBOX Arcade games and play them, or do they remove them and force us to only use this stupid fuckin' games room thing, forcing us to rebuy the games?

      The only games you'll be able to play in your Game Room are ones you've purchased within the Game Room. Of course, you can play all your existing Xbox Live Arcade games whenever you like via the dashboard. Game Room and XBLA are totally separate.

    Funny I thought most of the world were still in recession, how does re-buying arcade games make good business sense?

    -10 pts Microsoft

    This Game Room thing keeps getting shittier. Oh well, whatever. I won't be using it anyway.

    MICROSOFT, whilst I WILL be tempted to play in this games room, YOU have to be mental if you think i'm repurchasing games I already have bought in there... its not happening. Not a chance. This is coming from a 4th year XBox Live user, you can jam gamesroom up your money lined a**hole.

    Man reading all this makes me glad I don't even own an Xbox 360.
    I mean they're a great system, play my mate's one all the time, but I myself don't have to deal with half the headaches I see a lot of the 360 users complaining about (totally justified, of course) and I feel good about not owning a 360, rather than jealous I don't.

    Surprise suprise! I have about 6 XBL Arcade titles that are old arcade ports, would've played them again if I could've ported them to the game room.

    Ok Microsoft hope your reading all these comments. Listen to this...

    I like my Xbox 360. I like the games on it. I like playing online. I DON'T like having to pay so much for the online component, I DON'T like get screwed over with the lack of XBL servers near Australia and I DON'T like how you screw us with weak business decision targeted at increasing your consumer micro-transactions.

    As a result, in the future if another company releases an awesome console, I feel NO LOYALTY towards staying with you guys as my preferred console provider.


    Sony and Nintendo fans have loyalty. Us 360 owners are just waiting for something better to come along.

    You keep screwing your us and we will dump your asses the first chance we get.

    WoW, PS3 Fanboy Fiesta!

    What are you suggesting? Theres a difference between disgruntal Xbox users to PS3 Fanboy's... I haven't owned a Sony product since PS1. The point of the matter IS the way Microsoft repays Gold Xbox Live members for their custom after all this time but demanding more money for games we likely already own on live. Which doesn't float well with me.

      How are they demanding more money? There's nothing to stop you from playing any of your existing Xbox Live Arcade games once this Game Room thing is available. Also, I suspect we won't be seeing the exact same arcade games for purchase in Game Room that are presently available on XBLA.

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