Xbox Game Room To Feature "Over 1000" Classic Arcade Games

Although its cover was blown a little early, there's still new info coming out of the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas concerning Microsoft's Xbox Game Room.

Microsoft's press release concerning the new Xbox Live service says the Game Room will be a "place to relive the glory days of arcade games", and over the next three years will see the release of "over 1000" retro titles.

Ever wonder what happened to all those retro games that used to show up on Xbox Live Arcade? Yeah, they were being saved for this.


    whoopideedoo, how about a D-pad that can accommodate such games as well.

      Well you do realise there are arcade sticks available XD.

        I shouldn't have to pay money to find a workaround for a faulty controller. Seriously, I think the 360 controller is probably my all-time favourite controller, if a little bulky, if only the d-pad wasn't absolutely horrible.

    yea wait til they announce each arcade machine will cost 20-60 microsoft points to play... ONCE!


    1000 games. That quite a bit.
    Better live up to that statement...

    Disappointed in the price. 240-400 MS points. I expect a decent amount be free to play. A lot could even be old Arcade games that will move to the Games Room and discounted.

    Its official, Microsoft are unable to make anything original.

      probably shouldve just read the blog title before expecting something original from a 'classic arcade game room'

    With Atari being promoted in the screen shot, perhaps alot of them will be all the Atari 2600 games?

    Yeah, I agree with formulated. They need to produce a controller with a decent D-Pad. I can't tell you how frustrating playing a game like Pac-Man with it is.

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