Xbox Japan Honcho Sees Bright Future For Xbox 360

You know Takashi Sensui. He's the head of Xbox Japan. And, as far as Japanese game execs go, he's a believer. He doesn't give up.

This is the same exec who rode in a candy gondola and always has a sour face whenever he sees me approaching.

Traditionally, the Xbox 360 has had a rough time in Japan. There have been bright spots, such as when Tales of Vesperia was released on the console, causing Xbox 360 sell-outs in Japan. However, the console was largely ignored by the Japanese buying public last year.

At yesterday's Xbox Japan event with Capcom, Sensui was upbeat, stating that the announcements were "exceedingly reassuring" for the company. "Several years from now, the I am convinced that the Xbox 360 will be the most evolved and most widely diffused game hardware." Strong comments from Sensui, notes. Strong comments, indeed.

A couple more big titles on the Xbox 360 and wide spread use of the Project Natal motion controls, and it could happen. Maybe.

カプコン珠玉の4タイトルを披露—"CAPCOM TITLE PREMIERE FOR XBOX 360"詳報 - ファミ通.com [Famitsu]


    I don't see the 360 anyway, being what the Playstaion or Nintendo is in Japan. I don't really see any Xbox being like that for quite some time.

    But the 360 does have the potential to be less of a failure than what is currently is. Won't overtake the PS3 and definitely not the Wii. But if they play their cards right, over 2 million or close to 3 by the end of its run.

    MS needs to pick up more publishing rights to games. Make them exclusive. Get their teams working on more Japanese orientated games if they wanna make some sort of break out there.

      Oh and may I add try not to alienate actual existing supporters by doing a timed "exclusive" where not only does the game get ported.. but also ported w/ extra story and characters..

      Yes you all know what I'm talking about here =P

    whatever PS3 fan boy yeah traditionally the xbox hasn't sold that well in japan but the way your putting it it sound like the xbox 360 is a lame duck. Yes the ps3 has blu ray but the 360 has the best online service and possibly the best support from microsoft

    I think MS know what they are doing mate, Xbox 360 has become much bigger than the original Xbox and that alone is a bigger market share. How many units sold and how much in the black are MS now, that's the question...

    very unlikely, indeed.

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