Xbox Japan's Big Capcom Announcement Is...

PC title Monster Hunter Frontier is coming to the Xbox 360. It was announced at the Xbox Japan event today in Tokyo.

The game first appeared on the PC back in summer 2007.

A closed beta test will begin this May in Japan. Initially, there will be a PC server and an entirely new server. The goal is to eventually integrate the servers.

Service will begin this summer. Xbox LIVE Gold members will need to pay ¥1,400 ($15) a month after getting the game.

Three other titles were shown as well:

Lost Planet 2

The game is a multi-platform title and will be coming to the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. The game's release date is May 20 for Japan and May 18 for both North America and Europe.

Dead Rising 2

The game's customised weapon system was shown. Likewise, this is a multi-platform title and will be available on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. The game was not dated by Capcom, but designer Keiji Inafune said that its release will be separated from Lost Planet 2. Perhaps fall or winter?

Super Street Fighter IV

Another multi-platform title. Features shown include Replay Channel, Endless Battle, Bonus Stage and Team Battle. The character selection screen seems to show three rows of 12 characters. The character Afro Samurai will be available on the Xbox platform. The game will be out on April 28 in Japan for ¥ (US$55). It will be available on April 27 in North America and April 30 in Europe.

【速報】「CAPCOM TITLE PREMIERE FOR XBOX 360」概要 [Kotaku Japan]


    Wow service fee on top of a service fee when you have payed good money for your game.

    Can't wait to get into it.

      Well you're such a Sony fanboy, I would believe you don't even own a 360 and therefore your sarcasm is unnecessary.

      BUT I agree, the service fee per month is a bit ridiuclous. Perhaps charge the Silver members that if they want the game. If they really want to break into the Japanese market, its set-backs like this, that is preventing it.

      I'm not saying abolish the Gold Membership, as great as it would be, I would expect XBL to decrease in its quality a little. (and then Xbox owners would just turn to PS3 if they wanted cause online services would be equal in quality).

      Even if they introduced a deal to rid of the $15 fee for the first 3 months perhaps. It just feels a little too much, especially if this move is one they are hoping to gain more sales. Which I believe, they won't now. IF their was no $15 - it would do wonders for them.

        Your quick to jump your guns.

        Did I even criticise the Live system? Hell I didn't even mention anything related to Microsoft. In fact it could be taken that I'm critising MMOs in general with extra fees. And why am I a Sony fanboy by default? I might be a PC elitist.

        It takes one to know one, jackass.

    Wow... I wonder how peoples boners have gone down after such hype turns out that an old PC game coming to the 360.

    old pc games have been ported to the 360 before, so no boners there XD maybe it'll retract after hearing this news :p

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