Xbox Live Games On Demand Pricing Gets A Little Saner Today

Those downloadable versions of Xbox 360 games, wild and crazy in their Games On Demand pricing, have ventured closer to reasonable as of today, with a handful of titles getting slashed.

That includes BioShock, Saints Row, MX vs. ATV Untamed, Prey and Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution, according to an update from Xbox Live's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb. Those five titles have been dropped to $US19.99 for those of us spending that type of dollar, a price point that sees them fall closer in line with their physical media partners.

You'll have to check your own currency at Xbox Live Marketplace to see if the savings has been applied to your territory. We mean you, Australia!


    Nah, no dice for Australia as far as I can see, Bioshock is still listed at $49.95, and the other three are not even available on demand from my research.

    Whenever i look at digital downloads for games I can't help but feel spoilt for the pricing you get through steam.

    Makes it harder to shop anywhere else sometimes. Obviously not all titles are on pc, thus not buyable in steam but still it makes you 2nd guess spending the same sort of $$$.

    Makes it near impossible to convince myself to part with a stupid $120 in a store for a game too.

      When was the last time anyone actually paid $120 for a game at retail? you'd be insane to pay that much.

        Someone has to be. Stores would reduce prices ASAP if people werent buying.

        Kinda the same rule with spam. It wouldn't exist if no one bought.

      Yup, fully agree with you there. Especially during the thanks giving & Christmas holiday sales. I picked up so many games over those sales.

    I bought Bioshock PC on steam for $1.99 a while back... best 2 bucks ever. Funny thing is I already had it on 360, but I cant say no to a $2 copy of Bioshock.

      lol, same here!
      I also did it for Mirrors edge and Mass Effect. You just cant say no to a deal that Good.

        Did the Mirror's Edge thing to, that game I genuinely considerably better on PC as well, which suprised me.

          Really shouldn't have been sold as a full priced game to start with. As a hundred dollar game it's a ripoff, as a twenty dollar game it's a wonderful and charming way to burn a lazy afternoon.

    Sadly I'm still paying full price because I pre-order collectors editions of stuff like Mass Effect 2 etc. If there's a better option I just don't have any friends that know about it.

      have a look on ebay, some of the ebay stores do the preorder stuff for a high price rather than than a OMGWTFBBQ?!?! price

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