Xbox Live Officially Heading For Mobile Phones

Xbox Live Officially Heading For Mobile Phones

While the news has been coming for some time now, you always need to break out a confirmation to make everything official. And it’s now official: Xbox Live is on its way to mobile phones.

The service will be known as “Xbox LIVE Games” (catchy!), and looks to be available only on phones operating a mobile version of Windows.

This is outlined in the pic, taken from internal Microsoft marketing material. And it’s got us scratching our heads.

While the wording never mentions “exclusive” or “only”, what’s troubling is that only Windows phones are listed. No mention of other phones, nor of Microsoft’s own Zune handheld music player, either.

If this service – which was teased recently via a job advertisement – does indeed run on Windows phones and Windows phones only, a much-maligned and minority section of the smartphone market, it will have been a colossal waste of everybody’s time.

We’ve reached out to Microsoft for confirmation on whether only Windows phones will be supported, and will update if we hear back.


  • “If this service – which was teased recently via a job advertisement – does indeed run on Windows phones and Windows phones only, a much-maligned and minority section of the smartphone market, it will have been a colossal waste of everybody’s time.”

    Because, introducing a high quality, EXCLUSIVE service for your product definitely isn’t a valid strategy for increasing market share and public opinion. Its just a waste.

        • I agree Steven and Jordaan.

          Halo is an example of reinvesting into their own company pursuits. They hold all the cards for software and hardware on that platform, and they have/wanted to have an established userbase to support their longterm goals.

          Whilst Exclusive content is important for a market leading hardware brand (such as xbox and xbox360), focusing a system I’m not sure I need onto a device that isn’t iphone is just narrow-sighted, particularly since ms is not gaining revenue from hardware; only the OS.

          So, IF you have a smartphone, and IF you have windows OS and IF you have an xbox and IF you want to use some of the live features on your mobile, and IF you want to pay for it, then hey! It’s totally a product for you!

  • Why wouldnt they make it exclusive for Windows Mobile. It only makes sense seeing as Micrsoft has complete control over the Mobile Operating system. If the service were to be released on other platforms, wouldn’t they be limited to the restrictions and regulations of the mobile manufacturer. Yes, I am thinking on the lines of Apple’s iPhone. Apple already come down hard on Apps that don’t adhere to their regulations and they also restrict access to parts of their hardware (is bluetooth still off limits?).

    I can see Microsoft using this as an answer to the AppStore.

    Quality journalism on Kotaku as usual. Passing such judgement before the service is even detailed just shows one’s ignorance. Lets not forget, although Microsoft’s track record in more recent years in regard to their Mobile OS hasn’t been very solid relative to the competition, Bach and Ballmer have both semi- talked up hype and expectations regarding Windows Mobile 7. So while you express your opinion, let me express mine… How about we wait and see.

  • microsoft signed a deal with nokia last year to combat the smartphone market against the iphone and the blackberries in the states

    so we should see more nokia phones with windows mobile on it soon since they were aiming for a this year release of the new line of handsets..

  • Yeah give it a chance. Its a new feature and will make the OS more attractive. No one is forcing people to use it.

    They have done a good job with Windows 7 so who is to say their next iteration of windows mobile is not good. That said I have used windows mobile OS and both Palm and Apple have superior OS at the moment.

  • I’m sorry but the author of this article can’t have a very good grasp of the XBL service if they believe it will be available on anything but a Windows Mobile phone.

    Apologies if that sounds harsh but it is a very fair bet that XBL and its underlying technology is built on top of the MS.Net framework. As XNA certainly is essentially being a subset of the .Net Compact Framework which low and behold is what the Windows Mobile phones support.

    As much as I’d love to see this service on other smart-phones I just can’t see it happening. Apple certainly won’t allow MS to write a container app giving .Net to iPhone OS X. Google might allow it but putting a .Net VM inside the already running Java VM just wouldn’t be practical.

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