Yakuza 3 Gets A New Box For Its Trip Stateside

As you're no doubt aware, American publishers sometimes like to mess around with a foreign game's box art before releasing it in the US. Yakuza 3 is the latest target of this practice.

Gone is the stark white background of the Japanese cover, perhaps because - since it's a trademark of a series people in the US may not know has a trademark cover theme - it's not needed.

Gone also is the prominent cigarette, though with smoking being eradicated from most forms of popular American culture, that's no big surprise.

You can see the original Japanese cover below. While there's a whiff of "2003 Xbox game" about the US redesign, all things considered, it could have been much worse.

We're not sure if this art will apply to the European version as well; if we find out, we'll update.

[via Gamefly]


    That is by far the worst box art I have EVER seen.

    Have to wonder why the hell they keep doing this despite the constant criticism.

    second image is so much better.

    YUCK to the MAX!!!

    Theres a reason why Yakuza games don't sell in the west.

    The old one looks a lot lot better.


    Those side-burns.

    I reckon this beats Heavy Rain's cover actually.

    Have they heard of Photoshop?

    god thats ugly.

    Unbelievable!!! Defiantly one of the worst covers I've seen. Looks very very low budget. I could have made something better in 10 minutes. But the fact remains why was it changed in the first place and why did they pay someone to butcher the cover? Sigh :(

    bahaha how shocking... reminds me of that horrid ICO cover back on PS2.

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