Yeah, But What About The "Other" Irrational Games?

So 2K Boston have reverted to their original name, Irrational Games. Good news for nostalgic PC fans. But what of the fate of the "other half" of Irrational, 2K Australia?

After all, the Canberra-based developers were once Irrational's second studio, shared the same name (before being renamed "2K Australia"), and worked alongside Ken Levine's Boston team on some titles (such as BioShock) while developing other games like Tribes: Vengeance all on their own.

But there's to be no happy reunion (if only by name), as 2K Australia reps have told Kotaku that there are currently "no plans" for a name change in Canberra, and that it'll still be known as, well, 2K Australia.



    Firstly, did they plan on ripping off the Smirnoff logo?

    Secondly, 2K Australia, keep your name! Its good for us Aussies to gloat about.

    Someone just needs to make the company "Rational Games", just for fun (and hopefully to compete with them).

    Lol, sort of true about the Smirnoff logo.

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