You Can Take Your Pokemon For A Walk In March

Nintendo has announced a release date for the next in the Pokemon series to arrive on DS. Pokemon Heart/Gold and Pokemon Soul/Silver will launch in Australia on March 25.

Heart and Soul are remakes of Gold and Silver which debuted on the Game Boy Color ten years ago.

Nintendo has also confirmed both remakes will be bundled with a Poke Walker, pictured above, essentially a pedometer for your Pokemon. You can transfer one Pokemon to the device and level it up as you walk around.

Check out the local box art below.


    Meh, I remember in year 5 everyone and their mums was into Pokémon, it was simpler back then when you only had two different versions to choose from, red or blue (I had blue like all the cool kids). I really tuned out as soon as the Pokémon cards stopped being interesting. The only thing that I’m interested in these days is just how any minerals/colours/metallic titles these guys can come up with. I predict in 10 years we will be playing Pokémon: Purple-ish Zinc David Copperfield with a red hat on edition.

      Yeah, I always find that having to choose between two games every three or four years is far too mentally grinding and much prefer when I only had to choose between two games - WAIT A MINUTE.

      And 'sides. All the cool kids had Red.

    A friend in Japan managed to get me a copy of the Japanese version of HeartGold.

    The PokeWalker is really cool. It definitely adds a pretty new unique way of raising and catching Pokemon.

    I'd recommend these games just because of that alone. XD

    Might pick it up. But bloody hell March has become insane with the amount of quality game to be released.

    I guess we're gonna catch 'em all. Again.

    Silver was always my favorite version ever (up untill I stopped counting cause the new ones started getting lamer) so i'm DEFINITELY getting this!

    This is hilarious; can't anyone else see the irony of a portable console game getting a portability option as a feature add-on.

      was just thinking the same thing

    Wow...childhood memories flooding back...sigh, those were good days.

    Silver/Gold still is one one of my favorite games ever. Pure Old School. Can't wait to pick this one up (will be the first one in along time.

    I'm still waiting for a new 3D action/adventure/rpg pokemon reboot for the Wii. I'm kind of getting tired of the old remakes for the handhelds.

    Ive almost finished Diamond. I dont like it too much. I bought Firered because its a graphical remake of Red version. So pumped for when it arrives!

    Yeah think i'll pass, the chance of it actually working as described is very slim.

    Why are they going back to an old pokemon, i'm sure they could have just spun out a new as they normally would have :P

    I'm the only one so far commenting on the box art?

    The box art is pure win, simple, yet beautiful, the colours behind Ho-oh and Lugia look very vibrant, will be preordering both versions this weekend.

    I'm actually REALLY looking forward to this one. I played the original pokemon red and blue when i was in high school, and then none of the other ones up until my pokemon 'resurrection' with diamond and pearl a couple years ago. So yeah, a combination of a remake of a game that i've never played along with some interesting new features has put this pretty high on my radar

    how do you transfer your pokemon to and from ur ds into the pedometer?

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