You Decide Who Wins The Level Of The Year Sackademy Award

Media Molecule has whittled through more than 1.5 million LittleBigPlanet levels to select 10 nominees for the 2009 Level of the Year Sackie award. The rest is up to you.

Media Molecule has been passing out the Sackademy Awards left and right this month, with the winners for Best Machinima Video, Best Visuals and Use of Special Effects, Best Use of Story in a Level and more now available for your viewing pleasure over at the PlayStation Blog. The only award yet to be determined is the coveted Level of the Year, and that's all up to your vote.

As I said, MM has selected 10 finalist, and they want you to decide which should take home the award. Not only do I think this is a lovely way to get the fan community involved, playing through the ten levels is an excellent reason to dust off that copy of LittleBigPlanet you've played twice and then never went back to, not to mention a fine way to spend an hour or so while waiting for your time zone to warp into the future.

Hit up the link below for a list of the finalist, and remember to actually play the levels and not just pick LittleDeadSpace because the name is awesome.

The Sackies - Level of the Year [Media Molecule]


    Just got a mates playstation for 2 weeks as well as his copy of little big planet. Will definitely hit this up.

    Grr... My cousin still has my LBP. Want it back now!

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