"You Don't Know Quack" Draws Suit From "You Don't Know Jack"

The company behind one of gaming's most famous trivia series are suing the people behind insurance's most famous duck, as You Don't Know Jack makers Jellyvision have filed a trademark infringement suit against Aflac.

The suit, filed on January 21 in United States District Court for the Norther District of Illinois, alleges that Aflac's You Don't Know Quack marketing campaign and corresponding web game infringe on Jellyvision's long-held trademark for You Don't Know Jack.

Jellvision Inc.'s suit claims that the logo for Aflac's web-game and the style of the game itself - a series of questions - are similar enough to You Don't Know Jack's to compel legal action.

The company is seeking monetary damages and a court order to stop Aflac from obtaining a trademark for You Don't Know Quack.

From Jellyvision's complaint:

Aflac's unauthorized use of, and attempt to register, You Don't Know Quack for a game are willful and intentional acts and are intended to trade on the reputation and goodwill of Jellyvision, to confuse and deceive consumers, and to unfairly compete with Jellyvision.

Kotaku has reached out to Aflac for comment on the lawsuit and will update this post if we hear anything back.


    Umm... you don't know jack was a popular saying long before it was trademarked.

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