You Don't Want The New Hello Kitty Online Theme In Your Head

Watch the music video for Hello Kitty Online's new theme song once - and only once - and you may be safe. Some of us weren't so fortunate.

I downloaded this video for "The World is Saying Hello (Kitty)" this morning, figuring I would torture share it with our readers. I watched it once before downloading it, then once after, and again to pull the still for the top of the post. Then I took a break and used the restroom.

It was there that I found myself humming the damn thing.

So thanks to The Sanrio Digital Frequency featuring Chantal, composer Greg Chun, and writer Jason Mayland. You've officially imprinted "The World is Saying Hello (Kitty) onto my brain. I hope you're all proud.


    :D I turned off the video halfway through. I am a bigger man than you.

    I'm going to try this

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