You Will Download PS3 Firmware 3.15 And Like It

PlayStation 3 owners, you must download the latest firmware for the console, whether you want to play PSP minis on the thing or not. The previously optional firmware update (v3.15) has been upgraded to mandatory. Download now! []


    I downloaded 3.15 last night and I don’t like it, I’m getting these slight graphical glitches when on the PS3 xbar, they look like these tiny lines of static that appear for a split second, its only noticeable because it wasn’t there before. Also, after downloading this patch I was signed out of PSN because of some “network error” this had never happened before.

      I'm sorry, you must have missed the title. "You will ... like it"
      No choice whether you like it or not.

      you clearly have a corrupt firmware

        Yep, I did some trolling around on the PSN forums and found out that the error code I got was the universal code for corrupted firmware. The weird thing is that the problem has seemingly resolved itself, the graphical issues have no longer appeared and I’ve had no more error messages or PSN dropouts since downloading the patch. I think my PS3 just needed to restart itself a few times before the patch was installed correctly or something.

        Oh and w00t for data transfer, if I’m ever not broke enough to buy a slim PS3 I won’t have to re-finish all my games.

    I had a problem with my internet connection also after downloading 3.15 (networked from my laptop) I have never had any problem before...

    what size is the update ? from 3.00 ? (or newer?) ... I'm on 64kbps

      3.15 – 165 mb
      3.10 – 160 mb
      3.01 - 160 mb
      3.00 – 160 mb

    After downloading this firmware, I got this rash around my inner thigh just where the elastic of my underwear meets my skin. It's really annoying I hope sony release a cream for it.

      This is less a problem with what happened after you downloaded the firmware, and more of a problem with what you were doing while the firmware was downloading.

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