Your First Look At Project Runway: The Video Game

They're finally here, the first screen shots of Atari's Project Runway for the Wii, showcasing the make-up applying, rhythmic catwalk-strutting, outfit-trying on excitement you'll be enjoying on March 2, 2010.

Atari's release calls Project Runway: The Videogame a "must have accessory for series fans", touting Wii Balance Board support for runway walking, and appearances from Tim Gunn, Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia and Michael Kors, plus reigning Project Runway winner Irina Shabayeva. Now that Mike Fahey has solidified his position as Kotaku's female fashion maven, I think we know who will be reviewing this one.

A baker's dozen new screens of Project Runway: The Videogame are now ready to be judged.


    There is a part of my soul that just died finding out this exists.

    Why are the quality of these "screenshots" far better than anything a Wii could produce?

    Can't wait?

    Surely it will have such mini games such as:

    - racking your line of cocaine as straight as you can
    - hamburger dodging
    - balancing your lap dog in your handbag
    - getting out of sports cars without revealing that you are commando
    - chasing down the thief who stole your sex tape

    It's good to see that in the fifth screenshot the cursor is in prime groping position on the skirt...

    Seems like the next revolution in gaming starts here. Everything is all so dazzling and faaaaabulous.

    This could turn into a game journalists guilty pleasure like style boutique.......

    what a load of shit.

    I could be wrong but I do recall after Guitar Hero 3 came out Slash said that he was going to do be involved in a fashion game. I wonder if this is it.

    Even if Slash was involved though it still wouldn't make it any good.

    It's a good thing it's on the Wii coz no self respecting PS3 or 360 owner would want this game.

    i will slap you so super hard

    Geez this looks amateur hour (and the graphics would have looked lame on a PSone). Not for the first time, it seems the money for a licensed game has been spent on the license and not on the game.

    errrr... we can fix those items with button, decoration or anything???? im soo out, peace!!!

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