You've Purchased $US1b Worth Of Modern Warfare 2

Proving once again that people really enjoy shooting virtual representations of other people, Activision announces that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has surpassed $US1 billion in retail sales.

According to Activision's internal estimates, the second Modern Warfare game from Infinity Ward sold $US550 million in the first five days of release. Now, two months after the November 2009 release, sales have nearly doubled, freeing the publisher to fire off a celebratory $US1 billion press release, complete with comment from CEO Bobby Kotick.

"Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has exceeded our expectations and shattered theatrical box office and video game records," said Robert Kotick, CEO of Activision Blizzard. "There are only a handful of entertainment properties that have ever reached the $US1 billion mark, which illustrates the power of the Call of Duty franchise and mass appeal of this game."

Taking a closer look at the numbers, one could assume that more than half of the people interested in Modern Warfare 2 bought the game within the first five days of release. I'd guess there was a nice little spike around Christmas as well, between gifts and gift card redemptions. I know the game figured big in terms of eBay sales for the holiday season as well. Years of doing eBay Grey Market pieces have me craving day-to-day data so I can analyse sales patterns. There was a time I could simply appreciate a celebratory sales press release for what it was. I miss those days.


    I mustve pushed it over the limit yesterday buying it for $54 ohhhhh yeaaahhhhh

    MW2 isnt as great as I expected.
    Only reason I got it was because of the controversy over the game.
    Otherwise, I havnt played it any further than no russian, after that it was a short lived game.

      So you've only played upto the 2nd or 3rd level and you are casting judgement? if so, that's ridiculous.

      have I misunderstood what you have said?

        In fairness to quarternari...
        If a game doesn't suck you in and make you want to play more by the 30-40 minute mark... its not really your fault and your justified in not playing more and making a judgement call.

        In Fairness to MW2..
        Quarternani made his mind up about it not liking it before he got it maybe he should admit its his personal preference rather than the game...

        I HATE final fantasy but I can at least admit its my preferences and not the game.

    I don't really know anyone who bought MW2 for the campaign. COD series isn't so much a single-player game, it's something that 99% of people buy for multiplayer and online.

      Indeed because if you bought it for the Single player, then you must like bad games.

        I'm a bit sick of people complaining about the MW2 campaign being bad. It was really short, yes, but in terms of production values, it was as good as, if not better than COD4. It may have been a little unlikely, but I'm not sure that makes it shit.

          Seconded if implausible plots put you off, then you'd probably have to toss out every second video game in anyones collection.

          MW2 was fairly uninspired but that was certainly not do to implausibility.

    I did not buy this game. I think that is a good thing.

    $US1Bn and they can't fix bugs from last year not to mention for out a little for dedicated servers

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