Zelda Fan Movie Taken Down On Nintendo's Request

Nintendo let the fan-made Legend of Zelda film "The Hero of Time," stay up over the holidays, but its creators have now taken it down after the company asked for its removal.

The Hero of Time (that's one of its trailers above) had been shown at film festivals, and on Dec. 22, had been hosted at DailyMotion. But earlier in the month, the film's creators came to an agreement with Nintendo to stop distributing the movie by the end of the year. "In the spirit of the holiday season they were good enough to let us keep the movie up for you to watch and enjoy through the end of 2009," the team wrote on their blog. "We understand Nintendo's right to protect its characters and trademarks and understand how in order to keep their property unspoiled by fan's interpretation of the franchise, Nintendo needs to protect itself - even from fan-works with good intentions."

The creators say they have "a real sense of peace bringing the project to a close." They indicated a new project is forthcoming, and "no, it's not Majora's Mask."

Nintendo Pulls Zelda Fan Movie [Cubed3]


    Finally, an article about the subject which doesn't depict Nintendo as an evil corporation. I would loved to have seen the film, but it's fully understandable that Nintendo would want it shut down. I don't think anyone to blame here, and I think the creators realise that.

    Now for the official film! I do like the title the fan project had, or Nintendo could use that if they ever decide to make the thing. Or what about a musical, with songs like 'Hey, Listen' and 'Fire Plus Deku Means Bad'

    Once again Nintendo shows just how stupid they are. Their corporate powers that be need to take a hard look at themselves

    this is FREE advertising. The writers and producers are not making money from their IP, they are potentially enhancing it.

    I have no issue with companies protecting IP when people are trying to make money, but fans doing fan projects and not trying to make money and then a company shuts htem down is just stupid

    way to bite the hand that feeds you. If this was sony or Microsoft based characters it would be up for download on Live or PSN faster then you can say 'screw nintendos corporate bullshit'

      Firstly, saying something is non-profit doesn't necessarily make it so. This wasn't just released on the net, it wa also shown in Cinemas, implying some commercial activity happening.

      Secondly, this isn't a fan film like an ordinary Star Trek one, it's storyline is a straight up adaption of a story owned by Nintendo.

      Finally, if Nintendo was to put out an official film based on OoT, this would be direct competition.

      I am not saying I entirely agree with the decision, I just think it is wrong to condemn Nintendo for making it.

      Look at it this way. If Nintendo allowed fan films to be made/distributed, it's not quite free advertising. It's something over which they have no control.

      Even if this movie is good, somewhere down the line someone would create something pretty awful (in quality, I mean) that Nintendo would not want to be associated with.

      If that happened, it would be too late: precedent set.

      So they have to take the hard line so that they retain control over their characters and can market them their way.

      I think it was very big of them to not issue the C&D notice until after the holidays.

    It’s very well done, but I really enjoyed IGN’s fake Zelda trailer from a while ago, if they didn’t make it blatantly obvious it was an April fool’s joke I’m sure people would think it was real. It certainly looks professional enough

    Check it out

    I honestly think thats stupid on Nintendo. Kojima isnt going to ask to take down that awesome MGS fan movie, Valve isnt going to ask to take down escape from city 17. Nintendo are loosing it with power.

    I read about this on another site. It made me curious as to how well the movie was done. So I found a torrent for it, and watched it the other night. Now for my review:

    This is a movie for fans, there is no doubt. The story is an almost direct adaptation of the Ocarina of Time. The quality is a bit hit and miss, but ultimately, I had fun viewing it. Then again, I've played the game. Non-fans will struggle to overcome some of the shortcomings in the movie.

    The acting was somewhat awkward, but costumes were quite good. I have to say, they really cast Ganondorf well. He looked spot on. He needs to work on his maniacal laughter though. My favourite actor was the fire sage. She was easily the most lucid with her lines, and gave her part real flair. Or was that "flare". Sorry, bad pun.

    Shooting a real-life version of Link has its consequences. With many fights, there is "blood" involved. It's not something associated with the game, and it doesn't feel quite right.

    Special effects are mixed in quality. The budget was obviously low, so taking that into consideration, they did a good job. I was singularly unimpressed with the "boulder" that almost "killed" the Gorgon Prince. It might have given him a good lump on the head. Maybe.

    So, will you enjoy this movie? Probably. You'll need to be a fan of the game. Also, make sure you're OK with the often goofy looks from Link, the blatant camera angles hiding possibly revealing surrounds, the sometimes unexplained motivations, and the cheesy effects that make Dr Who look classy. As for me, I'm a fan, and I love cheese. With crackers. Thumbs up.

    I think this is a good move on Nintendos part, I mean who wants someone actually taking their IP and doing something with it? NOT THEM SURELY!

    And who the heck cares about artistic rights or credibility, or the fact that copywright is just someones idea that you can own ideas..

    I say let anyone depict anything as long its in satire or homage, and if as an artist you think thats stolen property than you arent an artist.

    If you arent an artist yet wish to make games, which base compnents are art of differing styles, then get used to this treatment.. as despite what anyone thinks this is human nature, has always been, and wont stop because someone is worried about their bottom line.

    Classy move by Nintendo. They have every right to send a cease and desist letter immediately, but they gave them the chance to wait until after the holidays to remove the video. Excellent choice. People are complaining about "biting the hand that feeds you". Sure, Microsoft's got a good track record with Red Vs Blue for instance, but if someone tried to make a real movie based on Halo, they'd be shooting it down.

    It was really Nintendo's only choice - sure they could leave it, but it then sets precedent to make a Mario movie, F-Zero movie or any other infringement of copyright. At least they left it for a while.

    I wish I had had the chance to see it - cheesy movies are so much better than average serious ones. Nothing better than watching a cheesy movie with a bunch of friends.

    Sorry to rain on the parades of those who liked this; but this film was just too embarrassing to watch... :(

    I'll say no more as not to offend...

    Lol. this is almost as funny as the star wars fan films. also, i wouldnt want a bunch of obsessed geeks using my characters without my permission either. even if i where like nintendo and couldnt write a good zelda story in 20 years.

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