Zynga Gamers Chip In For Haiti Quake Relief

Games on Facebook have joined the relief cause for Haiti, with Zynga's FarmVille, Mafia Wars and Zynga Poker offering "limited edition social goods" for sale, the proceeds of which will entirely benefit funds serving earthquake victims in that nation.

Zynga announced the fund drive on Thursday; it benefits the World Food Programme, whose emergency response team is distributing food and other relief to thousands of quake victims in the Caribbean nation.

The virtual items for sale include, for FarmVille, "white corn that will not wither if left unattended for a week"; for Mafia Wars, a "Haitian drum" (pictured); and for Zynga Poker, "a special chip package [that]will receive a rare premium item".

Or, more to the point, you may donate to the cause through Zynga's Web site.

Zynga notes its users have already raised $US1.2 million for Haiti through the purchase of social goods. The Mafia Wars drum was part of a holiday campaign raising money for aid to the nation. It and other donations have provided school lunches and contributed to a revolving loan campaign for Haitian women.


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