1:6 Scale Iron Man Is Almost As Good As 1:1 Scale Iron Man

You know, it's Toy Fair week, people have toys on the brain, so let's run with it. Hong Kong craftspeople Hot Toys weren't able to make it to New York, but they did slip some Iron Man in our inbox.

It's Iron Man Mark III, as you'll see later this year in Iron Man 2, and has all kinds of features, like pop-out weaponry, exchangeable helmets and chestplates and a fancy little base. Oh, did I say little? This puppy's 1/6 scale, which explains the level of detail, as well as the fact it's made of over 300 individual pieces.

Want to know how much it'll cost? Think "expensive" and you'll be in the ballpark.



    now go back to the toy factory and make me a 1/6th Deadpool, please?

    $171 USD is the fair going rate from US stores. Not bad considering what you get compared to the previous Iron Man releases.

    So tempting! So expensive!
    My 1:6 Robocop does need a friend though...

    What's this got to do with video games?

      What makes you think Kotaku is about video games?

    Where can I get this bad boy from?

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