360 Scores The Only Final Fantasy XIII Bundle Outside Of Japan

Microsoft confirms the March 9th release of a Final Fantasy XIII 250GB Xbox 360 bundle, noting that it's the only console outside of Japan to come bundled with the game.

At the X10 event in San Francisco today, the company revealed that the ">rumoured Xbox 360 North American Final Fantasy bundle is indeed a reality, and it will include exclusive downloadable avatar items in the box. Microsoft stresses that the Xbox 360 is the only console outside of Japan bundled with Square Enix's latest, which is a pretty big deal for Microsoft. Especially when you consider the console isn't even getting the game in Japan.

The bundle includes an unbranded 250GB Xbox 360, two wireless controllers (for a one-player game,) a standard edition copy of Final Fantasy XIII, and exclusive downloadable avatar items.

Oh wait, the console is Final Fantasy XII branded...in a place no one would ever look.

And yes, I suppose downloadable avatar items counts as downloadable content.

Microsoft has also revealed that a select number of Limited Edition Xbox 360 faceplates have been created by designer Tetsuya Nomura, to be distributed across select retailers in Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand.

Also notable, the listing for the system says it comes with a Standard Edition copy of the game. Why stress standard edition, if there is no limited edition? Interesting, isn't it?

Update: And here's an image of the faceplate:


    Pink trim! Pink trim! Pink trim!

    (maybe if I wish hard enough it will eventually come true!)

    The Final Fantasy XIII Limited Collectors Edition contains:

    FINAL FANTASY XIII Original Sound Selection: Soundtrack CD including a selection of music tracks from the game that are especially chosen for this Limited Collector’s Edition by composer Masashi Hamauzu. The CD is presented inside a slipcase featuring artwork from FINAL FANTASY XIII, and also liner notes that are written by the composer.

    The World of FINAL FANTASY XIII: Hardback book featuring character artwork, CG rendered artwork and environments from across the game production.

    Exclusive Art Prints: 3 highly collectable art
    prints showing artwork of the Eidolons, powerful summoned allies of the lead playable characters in FINAL FANTASY XIII

    Unique ‘Brand of the l’Cie’ decal: Collectible decal featuring this most iconic symbol from the game storyline

    Standard edition doesn't get all that.

    Dam, that looks sweet!!! Starting to wish i held off on purchasing the MW2 console

    Another power of money

    Err nothing special... While the faceplate and branding looks nice, they should of done something to the actual console instead.

    WTF is with the branding on the HDD?! There's no point! And the faceplate on the front of the console?! It looks hideous! The stock console looks better than that piece of crap! Now the limited edition PS3 from Japan looks stunning. You know Microsoft, bribing isn't the answer. Just because you have the money, doesn't mean you're going to get something good. Paying so much money for crapper looking game and pointless decals on the console? I don't see Microsoft profiting out of that at all.. I'm so glad I got my FFXIII PS3 from Japan.

    yeh that dont make no sense to me, why win the battle of money to win the rights and put out such a p!ss poor effort. VERY dissapointed :(

    MW2 or Forza 3 only came standard edition so what you complaining about?

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