90-Minute Darksiders Demo Coming To PS3, 360

Darksiders turned out to be quite a polarising game, with people loving or hating it. Now you can decide which camp you're in when a chunky demo of the game hits later this month.

The 90-minute demo, which hits the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on February 25, contains the Twilight Cathedral, the entire first level of the campaign. The level includes puzzles, equipment to find and even two boss battles.

"We are really pumped to be bringing a playable demo for Darksiders to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3," said David Adams, General Manager of Vigil Games. "We really wanted to give gamers a true idea of the variety of gameplay that the game offers and so rather than just making a standard 20-minute demo version of the first few levels, we decided to give away this massive level and reveal the true essence of the game."

For those of you who have played through the game, I'm still desperately trying to get caught up on my library of titles, is that the sort of level that will sell this game? Is it a good cross-section of the full experience?


    Cool! I've been wanting to try this out.

    I'd say you could get a good idea of the game from that.
    Sounds a bit like an episodic download like Fable 2 tho, also a bit late for a demo I would think.

    The early section of the game is a good indicator of the mood of the game, and the first level is fairly representative of the *style* of the rest of the game - each 'level' is refreshingly different, whilst still involving a mix of combat, puzzle solving, and strategy-based boss battles (very similar to Zelda, really).

    My two major concerns with Darksiders were the length of the game, and the difficulty of the puzzles. While it took me about 8-10 hours to complete (can't remember the specific time), the game felt short - with only 5 dungeon/levels to get through, the game felt almost incomplete. Additionally, the puzzles weren't very difficult. While interesting at times, the puzzles were all solved with a bit of thought (though this might be due to my years of playing similar games, i.e. Zelda).

    Thoroughly enjoyable game.

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