A New Eternal Darkness Trademark? What's That About?

Silicon Knights' psychological horror game Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem was one of the bright spots in the GameCube library, so Nintendo's new refiling of the Eternal Darkness trademark warrants at least a modicum of excitement. Or does it?

Nintendo of America re-upped the trademark earlier this week, after cancelling the previous mark in December, leaving Eternal Darkness for dead in U.S. Patent and Trademark Office terms. Does that mean we should expect a new game in the Eternal Darkness property? Maybe, maybe not.

Nintendo recently re-upped another GameCube era title, Luigi's Mansion, meaning that it may have interest in bringing more games to the New Play Control series for the Wii. If Nintendo doesn't see the value in retrofitting Wii motion controls onto that particular GameCube game, perhaps it has something else in the works. We certainly wouldn't turn down a new horror offering for the Wii.

The registration may be nothing more than lingering sanity effects, with Nintendo, Silicon Knights and the United States government messing with our heads. Nintendo has a media summit planned for next week. Perhaps we'll find some sanity there.

Eternal Darkness [USPTO]


    In before inevitable bashing of Too Human for no good reason.

      I thought Too Human was awesome fun. Chaining 100+ combos with only the right analogue stick felt so good when you got the technique down.

    Pargon Aretak Pargon!

    I'm still clinging desperately to the hope that Too Human 2 will become a reality. I really think people didn't give the game a chance. The controls were "different" (And the main complaint most people had) and definately the learning curve was rather high. But when you eventually have your dude flying around performing amazing combos and you realise that every enemy actually can be taken down without the need for you dying, it's amazing. I've put more time into TH than any other 360 game, and I'm a big gamer. One character alone is about 60 hours old, and I have 5.
    Easily in my top few games on the system. Just wish more people had persisted past the "BAH, right stick is for CAMERA, not fighting" and "Dead ... AGAIN!!!! Too hard!"

      I agree with you.

      I like Too Human as well. Its addictive and enjoyable. The art design is phenomenal, the fictional world obviously has tons of detail that has been put into it, and the gameplay is actually very fun (to me at least).

    The future is bright.

    I really hope a Wii version is made!
    Or a sequel with the original game packed onto the disk :)

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