A Peek Inside Mass Effect Redemption #2

Dark Horse Comics' prequel to Mass Effect 2 continues today, as Liara T'Soni, with the aid of the pro-human Cerberus organisation, takes the hunt for Commander Shepard's remains into the seedy underbelly of Omega.

Mass Effect Redemption is a four-issue comic book series that tells the story of what happened between the explosion of the Normandy and the resurrection of Shepard in Mass Effect 2. The first issue, which featured the debut of several Mass Effect 2 locations and characters, is available for download on iTunes free today in honour of the release of issue 2.

The story centres around Mass Effect 1 crew member Liara T'Soni, searching for clues to the final fate of her Commander (and in some folks' games, lover). Like parts of the second game, the comic works a little better if Liara was your companion of choice in the original title, but I'd imagine the story is solid either way.

Issue 2 kicks off with Liara taking Cerberus up on its offer to fund her search for Shepard's body, accompanied by the Drell Feron, who might not be as much of an impartial party as he seemed in the first issue.

Along the way, Liara runs into Aria T'loak, the queen of Omega, who plays a major role in Mass Effect 2. In the preview panels below, you'll discover that there are things in the Mass Effect universe that will give even the ice queen of Omega pause.

So far the series is interesting enough. Liara T'Soni comes across as a much tougher character than she did in the original Mass Effect, perhaps hardened by the experience of watching Shepard die during the Normandy's destruction. It's interesting to compare her portrayal here to her portrayal in Mass Effect 2. Perhaps issues 3 and 4 will give us more insight into how she becomes the Asari you encounter in the second half of BioWare's trilogy.

I also hope next issue features more of cover boy Tazzik, the Salarian enforcer, two words that I'd never thought I'd see in such close proximity.


    Make her nude :P

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