Activision Going To Court Over Guitar Hero Patent Claims

Activision, the publisher of Guitar Hero and DJ Hero, is being taken to court over claims that the trademarks registered over its popular music titles have little to do with the operations of the actual products.

A group going by the name "Patent Compliance Group" has filed suit in the Texas Northern District Court, alleging that while Activision's music games are all marked with "patented" or "patent pending" on the box or manual, the publisher is either fibbing and doesn't hold the relevant patent, or the patent is does hold is so loosely related to how the game actually works that it's not applicable.

Under US laws, any product found to have misled the public in making this claim can be fined up to $US500 per item sold. Seeing as this suit covers Guitar Hero: Smash Hits, Guitar Hero 5, Band Hero and DJ Hero, that's a lot of money Activision stands to lose if found guilty.

That's a big "if", however; the past few years have seen a surge in the popularity of these type of patent cases, with mysterious "groups" like the one in question here taking advantage of the latest craze in making a quick buck through the American legal system.

The motives of the Patent Compliance Group are irrelevant if Activision is actually found guilty, however, so we'll keep half an eye on how this one progresses as the months wear on.

A Mark Against Activision? [Patent Arcade]


    oh man that would

    I see wut you did thar.

    It’s a total scam, I read about this type of thing a while ago, some smartasses form a company look for a patent to sue, if they are successful they make some quick cash. If they aren’t then they just write off all legal costs to the business and liquidate the company. Honestly someone needs to look into this because its shifty as all hell.

      I think the tag for this post should be #onlyinamerica .

    I think the big news is...

    I didn't realize that Activison dude was so fat.

    Another reason why Americas silly laws of patents and copyrights just dont work.

    I hope they all fall down in their own stupidity. Yeh, some small group of smartasses is making money off a corrupt legal system, so what, big companies have been doing it for years.

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