Age Of Empires Creator Working On... Settlers 7

Living legend Bruce Shelley, with Civilization and Age of Empires as notches on his belt, has been out of the limelight since his studio, Ensemble, went bust last year. So, Bruce, been keeping busy?

You bet he has. Ubisoft has begun marketing Settlers 7 in the West, and to help boost awareness of the series in the US (it's always been a more Germanic affair), the publisher has revealed that Bruce Shelley has helped as a "game design consultant".

It's only a "helping hand" kind of thing, so it's not like he's redesigned the series, but it'll still be interesting to see how his hand has helped guide the game.

Ensemble co-founder working on The Settlers 7 [Big Download]


    Damn shame Ubisoft are killing this game with their dumbass DRM. Idiots.

    I loved Settlers 1 and 2, the only other one I played was settlers 5, which I found to be horrible. I think the game mechanics in 1 and 2 were perfect, perhaps a little simple by today's standards but still great fun to play. I actually played it not that long ago.

    However number 5 just felt like every other RTS out there, it reminded me a lot of Warcraft 3 or Age of Empires. Why couldn't they keep the old school game mechanics and just update it a little, like the Heroes of Might and Magic games. They kept their signature gameplay and the games are still pretty fun.

    I might check out number 7 just to see what its like but if its just another RTS I'll be passing.

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