Alan Wake Won't Be Shining A Torch On The PC

Once upon a time, Alan Wake was a game coming for both the PC and Xbox 360. Then mention of the PC version began to simply disappear, culminating in the final announcement yesterday that the game's for the 360 only.

A statement from Microsoft reads:

Some games are more suited for the intimacy of the PC, and others are best played from the couch in front of a larger TV screen. We ultimately realised that the most compelling way to experience "Alan Wake" was on the Xbox 360 platform, so we focused on making it an Xbox 360 exclusive. Both Microsoft and Remedy have long histories in PC game development. This decision was about matching this specific game to the right platform.

So there you have it. Pity, but given the absence of material or promotion for a PC version, hardly surprising.

Microsoft: Alan Wake will no longer be coming to the PC [Strategy Informer]


    meh, 1 loss of sale for thme then. Not buying a console just for Wake.

    I'm disappointed by this news, but not surprised. It's an intelligent profit move more than anything else. There are a number of good reasons why they would opt not to release it on PC and it has precious little to do with this "best played from the couch in front of a larger TV screen" business.

    1. Microsoft need more true 360 exclusives to keep their edge against the PS3 which has had a slew of fantastic exclusives lately, with more still to come early this year.

    2. There's a lot of gamers with respectable PCs that would quite happily play it on their more "intimate" displays in the absence of a 360 in their household. With no alternate options, that's a whole group of people that may be more inclined towards buying the console as a result.

    3. Piracy of course is a factor, there's no way it wouldn't be for such a high profile title. Whilst it will still inevitably happen on the 360, the impact on sales will be less than if it was also released on PC.

    Like Paul I'm not going to be buying a 360 just for Alan Wake.

    So this translates to " fluff you anti-social glue-eyed recluses". I hope the dev team gets testicular cancer and contrary to the name, that they don't find a remedy.

      I'm pretty sure this was Microsoft's decision, not so much Remedy. They likely would have compensated the team to keep it exclusive.

    The game will probably benefit from it technically, as they can spend more time on optimizations.

    I thought this was pretty old news? Oh well. Sounds like corporate talk for "no one buys game on PC any more, so why bother?"

    I hate to start this up again, but it seems like most PC gamers don't realise that not only are there pretty much no exclusive PC games worth even looking at any more, but developers are becoming less and less inclined to even port console games. As far as I'm concerned, if you didn't have a 360 or PS3, you missed out on this generation. Developers don't want to give their games away for free, and it's essentially what they're doing if they release it on PC.

    Makes sense - they're trying to present it as a TV Series kinda thing.

    Just can't wait for it anyway - it's PC players loss if they decide against buying it on console.

    This is super disappointing, this was one of the games I was really looking forward too this year. But I'm not gonna buy a 360 just for this game.

    Well, I hope they enjoy trying to sell it on an inferior platform.

    I agree, 1 less sale. Just because you want to make something XBOX exclusive doesn't mean I'm going to go out and buy a console. That is why I spend so much money on my PC.

    That is a bunch of bull when they said that the 360 is a better platform for experiencing the game on a couch rather than a desk. This is simply because I can easily hook up a PC to my TV, switch displays between that and the PC monitor, and send the audio to the Surround System. Then I can play all PC games on a PC with wireless keyboard and mouse, on my couch as well. Granted, most people don't know how to set up this actually simple setup, but the fact that you can voids the argument entirely. Just say you want to make more money, and a console will ensure minimum piracy. Either that or that you have no confidence in your product selling well enough that the piracy numbers become negligible.

    @Kyle_Katarn: they shall very much. Due to the lower standards most people have to the point that they just want "enough", and should the game review well, they will sell well.

    Funny that I read this sitting on my couch on my large screen TV... which is hooked up to my PC. :P

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