Aliens Vs Predator's Horde Mode

Check out this trailer for Aliens Vs Predator's Survivor Mode, in which up to four players co-operatively take on the Alien hordes.

I suppose it's time to set aside the comparisons to Gears of War 2 and simply accept Horde Mode as a standard game type in online multiplayer shooters. It's just the natural progression of things. Remember back in 1990 when the term for first-person shooter was "Doom clone?" We've moved on from that, now we can move on from this.


    The PC version of AvP from the 90's had a "horde" mode (I think they called it 'survivor'), so I don't think you can really make a comparison between this and Gears of War.

      First thing I thought of as well

    Why does everyone compare "horde mode" with gears... they werent the first people to do this. They just were the first people to make a point of it.

    GRAW had it in there... and their "horde mode" was more intense... I just wish people would give credit where credit is due.

    I remember horde mode in Unreal Tournament also.

    Can I be the predator in horde mode?

      Well, in the 99 AVP you could only play as Marines in horde mode, so don't get your hopes up.

      It kinda goes against the mythos of predator anyway, predators are stealthy assasins, not the kind to hold out against unending hordes

        You can actually play as predator in skirmish mode. I have done it, my friends have done it. The only character you can't play in skirmish as is alien. There are even predator energy items in every skirmish map on the ground.

    Aahahahahahaha. Is Mike Fahey like 17 years old or something? Does he not realise the irony of calling AVP's survivor mode a ripoff of the Gears of War's horde mode? You know, considering the first AVP in the 90's INVENTED horde mode.

    Yeah Horde mode is old school, drives me nuts when people try and claim that Gears was the first to put it in play.

    Still great news to hear that AvP is going to include it.

    This is just like Halo fanboys saying the Avatar ripped off Halo for the marine designs. AvP in the 90's had survivor, it was an awesome game mode, wave after wave of aliens, unending, seeing how long you could survive or how many you could kill.

    Horde mode did not come from "Gears of War 2"

    Horde mode was called invasion in Unreal tournament.
    Which was made by epic games.

      Hate to burst your bubble there champ, but AVP still came first (Released in April 99 as opposed to UT's November 99 release date).

      Also, i'm not 100% sure on this, but wasn't invasion mode only included in UT as a fan-made add on, and not made official until 2k3? If this is the case, it would put AVP much further in the lead

        Yeah, I wasn't saying that it came first just that Horde was preceded by Invasion for Epic's games.

    Let this be a lesson to aspiring video game journo's (on top of the lesson of, 'don't expect to earn any money from it'): Always hit up wikipedia before you make a claim about a game kids to avoid looking like a tit.

      Yep, AvP before UT.
      But: "before you make a claim about a [game kids to avoid] looking like a tit."
      Syntax incorrect.

    The author never said that Gears invented horde/survival/whatever mode, his argument is that it's irrelevant where it came from, just that a lot of games are going to have it now.

    And Doom was hardly the first FPS, but no one seemed concerned about that...

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