Alienware Issues An Australian Clan Challenge

The Dell owned power gaming PC brand Alienware is set to host an online 5v5 CoD4 tournament next month here in Australia. Eight teams through to a Sydney final. Each member of the winning team takes home an Alienware rig. Who's up for some prac?

The online tournament is set to run from March 5th to April 8th. Then a final will take place in Sydney (teams will have flights and accommodation included) and they'll face off on April 17th for the title and the $5,800 gaming rigs.

UPDATE: The final is actually between the top eight teams, so quite a few people will get a shot at the major prizes through the final LAN event.

Get your team together and sign up at, or if you're in search of a team you can hit the site, chat on the forums and even post your details to find some suitable team mates. Or maybe hit your ISP's games servers to get some prac in and find some quality team mates that way?

Who thinks they have this in the bag?

Full release details below.


SYDNEY, Australia, Feb. 10, 2010 – Dell and Alienware invite you to join your friends, family, and colleagues and create a team to enter the inaugural Australian Alienware Clan Challenge.

Alienware will team up with CyberGamer to host an online Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare competition which will run from March 5th to April 8th. The top eight teams will then be flown to Sydney on April 17th to face off on a purpose-built Alienware Aurora LAN setup.

Each gamer from the victorious team will win a high performance Alienware Aurora gaming desktop, Alienware OptX AW2310 23” 3D Full HD Widescreen Monitor, and Alienware TactX Mouse, Keyboard, and Headset. Each prize pack is valued at AU$5,800.

From today, clans of up to 5 gamers can sign up to the challenge at

Don’t have a clan? The Alienware Arena website has an area where people can log their details while they pull together a team of friends. People can also use the Alienware Arena blog to chat to potential clan members.


“Alienware systems are at the forefront of high performance gaming around the world. We’re hoping Australians ranging from casual to professional gamers take up the Alienware Clan Challenge, to have some fun and be in the running to win a great prize pack.”

- Evan Williams, Head of Consumer Division, Dell Australia.

"This event is going to be the greatest event Australian e-sports has seen in years, epic in scale, epic in proportions, played out on epic gaming hardware. It's a privilege to be involved."

- Richard Lawes, Business Manager, CyberGamer Australia

"We feel honoured to be able to take part in the biggest tournament CoD has ever witnessed in Australia. CyberGamer and Alienware have really outdone themselves, we cannot wait to compete with the best in Australia! On behalf of click! Gaming, I'd like to thank Alienware and the staff of CG who made it possible. Good luck to all participants!"

- Achala "Spachala" Mataraaratchi, Clan Leader, click! Gaming!


    I live near Sydney... If only I liked CoD4.

      agreed lol, good luck to anyone who actually goes in it

    I like CoD4. If only I lived near Sydney ... and liked PCs

      andrew - doesn't matter where you live, initial part of the comp is online, and the actual event is in Sydney - the prize is flights and accomodation

    Why not use MW2, it has dedicated serv...oh wait.

    Why not CoD 6... oh yeah thats right :D

    I like the promotion, however most of the more hardcore PC gamers build their own rigs and turn their noses up at the idea of a pre-built package PC, myself included :P

      Step 1: Win the package PC
      Step 2: Customize/upgrade it however you want
      Step 3: ???
      Step 4: Profit

        Phase 1: Sell Alienware PC
        Phase 2: Buy 2x HD5870 or GTX480(when they launch) for Crossfire/SLI and use in existing rig
        Phase 3: ...
        Phase 4: Profit :P

      I am a hardcore PC gamer and the only reason I build my own rig / turn my nose up at pre-built is because it's cheaper. I would kill a small furry animal (not unlike your grandmother) for a $5800 alienware rig.

      ...If only my choice of clan game for the last year was CoD4 instead of L4D1.

      I am a hardcore PC gamer and the only reason I build my own rig / turn my nose up at pre-built is because it's cheaper to. I would kill a small furry animal (or play in a CoD4 tournament) for a $5800 alienware rig. It's not like they're going to put dodgy parts in a rig at that cost.

      If only my choice of game for the last year was CoD4 instead of L4D1 :(

    Its S&D 5vs5 promod if you are into that.

    Two problems for me.

    One: I don't have CoD4.

    Two: For me, FPS stands for 'fail-person shooter'.

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