Alienware Supporting Aussie Gamers With 200 Dedicated Servers

Alienware is giving us more bandwith and more processing power with 200 free dedicated online servers for Counterstrike: Source, Left 4 Dead, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and Battlefield 2. So how do you find 'em?

You can find these dedicated servers by searching for "Alienware" when initiating up or joining a game.

And don't forget that Alienware is hosting an online Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare competition from March 5, with the top eight teams being flown to Sydney on April 17 for a live face-off on a purpose-built Alienware LAN setup.

Each gamer from the winning clan will walk away with $5800 in prizes, including a high-performance Alienware Aurora gaming PC, a 23-inch full HD widescreen monitor, a TactX mouse, keyboard and headset.

You can sign up your five-man clan up 'til March 5. Of if you're still looking for a clan, you can pull together a team by logging your details on the Alienware Arena website. The tournament starts on Monday week, so get a move on if you want a part of it.


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