An Unfortunate Pairing Of Gestures With Double Entendres

An Australian morning news team catches up with curling, the latest It Sport, via Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. What's the joke? Well, here it comes ... here it comes!

[thanks Ryan H.]


    Once again the Today show leads the way in looking stupid while trying to be "relatable"

    And Carl looking like a douche, even more than usual.

    *turbo facepalm*

    the Today Show. Also known as "Carl Stefanovic and friends"

    I like how she seemed to wipe something off her shoulder after the end

    At least we know she's good with her wrist action... ;)

    Could be worse, Today is the lesser of two evils out of Today and Sunrise

    "Did that look funny?"
    "Nah mate, true class right there. I think you nearly blew her away"

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