Analysing The Fallout: New Vegas Trailernsiderin

The Fallout: New Vegas trailer has gone live, a release date announced, and fans are excited about getting back into the post-apocalyptic world later this year. Does the trailer hold clues about what we can expect in the game?

I've been over the trailer with a fine-toothed comb, picking out choice bits in the hope of finding some meaning in it all. I used a little of my own knowledge, a heaping helping of The Vault Fallout Wiki (thanks guys!), and now it's up to you. Check out what I've singled out, and then add your own thoughts and speculation. Go crazy with it.

The Scary Cowboy

Does the scary cowboy mean something, or is it simply tossed in to make the player afraid of cowboys? Having been taking small doses of cowboy at regular intervals over the past 36 years, I am immune.

The Body

Does one more dead body buried under the sands outside of Vegas make a difference? Is this someone in particular, or just an example of mobster violence being alive and well in New Vegas? In the original Fallout, NPC Tycho said that his father used to tell him about Vegas, reminiscing about a fat mobster who lived there, making reference to Fat Freddy, a character from Wasteland, an ancestor of the Fallout series. Oh great, it's a Mafia clone! I kid.

The City of Lights

References in previous Fallout titles suggest that Vegas had been largely rebuilt after the Great War, which would explain all of the buildings and lights. Vegas isn't the type of city to let a little apocalypse keep it down.

The Figure

Who is this guy supposed to be? Just a random wanderer, or is he something more? He reminds me a bit of the description of the NPC Tycho from Fallout, who was described as "a man in dusty leather armour with a trenchcoat and gas mask". Of course, Fallout's final art for Tycho looks completely different. Perhaps it's just a random desert ranger?

The Flag

If he is indeed a desert ranger, he's a desert ranger that's been to California, as he is holding (or standing next to) the flag of the New California Republic. Is there a war going on? An invasion? Considering the state of most cities following the Great War, a restored city like New Vegas would be a tasty target for conquest.

And Then Came The Glow

Those don't look like the eyes of the figure glowing. It actually looks like something being reflected off of his mask. What's red and glowing and heading towards New Vegas?

77? In A Row?

What's the signifigance of 77 in the Fallout universe? As far as I can tell, the only reference to the number is Vault 77, the Vault storied in the Penny Arcade companion comic for Fallout 3, which consisted solely of one man and several puppets. Perhaps it's a reference to that? Note that the figure also has a single 7 on his helmet. 777? Jackpot?


    Look at the last picture then look at the second last. it dose not say 77 but A7.
    don't know what it means but it still adds to the mystery.

    Perhaps the robot is supposed to be a sheriff or something to that effect. Like Simms was to Megaton. I'm probably way off but it's a thought. Bah, I always over-analysing trailer videos til I blow things way out of proportion XD

    How are we supposed to wait for this?? I want it now!
    Looks freakin awesome though

    The scary cowboy looks like the head of the Neon Cowboy sign, part of the Pioneer Club. "Vegas Vic" the friendly-looking "Howdy Partner" cowboy was added to the front of the Pioneer Club by the Chamber of Commerce in 1952.

    Perhaps this indicates a setting within the game?

    All i'm seeing is some guy from Killzone 2 holding a California flag in a Fallout universe.

    I saw a happy cowboy as well after the angry one. Maybe it's like the representation if you're good, bad or neutral. And the music feels so like fallout, I love it. The guy looks a little bit enclave-ish to me. Maybe the enclave wants to take over Vegas.

    *comments made by myself are completely ridiculous and should not be taken seriously*

    Is that a Pip-Boy on his left arm?

    I reckon it will have more of a spaghetti western feel to it.

    I was going to say the dusty guy is you and you're from Vault 77....but now I don't know what to think...

    the robot is Victor, the body is your character.
    and I do not know who the guy at the end is, but I am going to guess he is a Nightkin soldier.

    I found on a site that at the start of the game you get shot and buried in a shallow grave, but a robot digs you up and a doctor helps you recover. This may explain pic 2

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