Apparently, Playing Xbox Is Not An Infidelity Solution

A person writes in to UK Daily Star sex advice columnist Just Jane. He's got some problems. He's dodging the consequences by playing Xbox. Jane says that's no good.

The problem. He was caught having sex with his boss' secretary in the boardroom, was fired, can't get the courage to confess any of this to his girlfriend, and so he pretends to go to work each morning but instead just goes to a friend's house and plays Xbox.


What would a professional advice columnist say to that?

JANE SAYS: Why waste time playing on your mate's game console when you could be out looking for another job?

As far as I can see you have only yourself to blame for this and you need to get a grip of the situation. You are burying your head in the sand and hoping the problem will go away.

Sacked For Having Sex [

Just Jane]



    And hear I thought I had problems because I get yelled at if I'm on my Xbox/PC/Ps3/whatever for more than an hour

    Technicall it's "Are you going to play that all night" which we all know it's just best not to answer.

    My missus doesnt like me playing of a night time. She says I should be spending time with her. I tried, but all that involves is sitting on the couch watching Home and Away, Dancing shows, cooking shows, shit like Desperate Housewives. . . every night it was (as far as I was concerned) garbage chick shows.

    So, I started telling her that if she wanted me to sit and watch her shows with her she had to sit and watch me play Xbox.
    So she did. . . lasted all of 30 minutes.
    She never complained again.

      Mirror's my tale very closely, we've found board games to be a happy middle ground.

      Yeah spending time together is code for doing what you're told to.

    Have you tried finding a game that she finds appealing? I got my girlfriend into Flower, she loved it and we finished the game together. She likes Little Big Planet cos we can play together, and she's turned into more of an assassin's creed fiend than I am. Buzz is another one that's fun for all. New Super Mario Bros. can't go wrong.

    Well... maybe she was super hot so its worth it now.

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