Armored Core 5, In Trailer Form

The game will feature new weapons, more robust and dramatic mission stories and stages that are more detailed and complex than the previous titles.

Armored Core 5's concept is "mayhem" mechanical action.

AC5 will feature smaller mecha as well - instead of being 10 metres, the AC mecha's scale is five metres in this upcoming installment. The game is heading to the PS3 and the Xbox 360.


    japanese mechs get smaller and more complicated!

    mind blowing.


    pray japan never gets its hands on real technology capable of these monsters.. lolzars.

    I hope this get released outside of Japan. That game looks absolutely awesome.

      Don't hold your breath, mate. The last two (AC4 and AC: For Answer) were simply awful.

        I think AC4 and AC:FA were great!

        Ac4 and FA are great, mostly because of online play and graphics, its just that they are not NOOB friendly...

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