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Every Wednesday David asks you to Ask Me Stuff. So I figure I should do the same. If you have a burning question about the games industry, or on who the hell your temp ed is, leave it in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer this afternoon.

Fire away.


    Will that awesome dinosaur hunting game ever be released in australia?

      You might need to be a little more specific. Awesome dinosaur hunting games are often promised, and rarely delivered.

        It's called: Jurassic: The Hunted

        we should totally rip that shizzle up

          Haven't seen it listed in any release schedules here. I've sent a Q to Activision.

    So... you mentioned having played Red Dead Redemption the other day... wanna tell us any more??? Puhleeease?? :)

      This afternoon...

      I've played it too. I'm interested to see what Seamus has to say about it though.

      Actually, I could do some promotion for him mentioning a certain show that he does which may contain some of his thoughts on RDR, but I'm overcome with the lazies.

      Sorry, guys, tomorrow. Definitely tomorrow. Big news hit the desk so I needed to chase that hard. Will wrap my RDR thoughts overnight so it's primed and ready for your reading pleasure tomorrow.

        Just come here to ask what happened to your RDR article, will look forward to reading it tomorrow.

    Who are you, and what have you done with Dave?

      I are borg. Dave has been assimilated.

      Oh, wait, no. He's just taking a short break.


        what do you do when you arent doing this?

          I've been a freelance journo in the industry (across tech and games coverage) for six years. I write regularly for Atomic, and, and late last year I launched a fancy schmanz new video project called

            ahhh that old chestnut
            i went to a couple of them at the shelbourne

    What is the correct pronunciation of your name?

      Pronounced as 'Shame-us', which doesn't really sound very complimentary ;o)

        Yes, 'Shame on you, Seamus' was one of the more common tease options growing up.

    Am I the only one who really enjoys AvP multiplayer?

      Seems like that could be the case. I haven't stepped into it yet, but I think it sounds good!

    Do you only work at Kotaku when someone is away or are you a permanent part of the team and work in the background?

      Just filling in while David is away. And last time it was in the gap between Logan's departure and David's arrival. I know the team quite well, but I'm not involved on any regular basis behind the scenes.

      Or am I? MWAHAHAHA!


    I and several others won copies of Mass Effect 2 a few weeks ago. Any word on when we'll see them?

      I'm not in the loop on older happenings, but I'll chase it up.


        And in other news, whenever I try to click "connect with Facebook" I just get an error that says "Invalid API key specified".

      Glad I'm not the only one not to receive it as yet.

      My understanding was David sends the details to EA and it is there hands from then on. I could not wait any longer so I bought a copy on the EB 7 day hire and will swap it when my free copy arrives for some other title. Only have until Sat though.

        Yep, got word that winners are being sent copies by EA directly. I'll send a 'polite reminder' to hopefully push things along...

      EA tells me they have ordered your copies, just waiting on them to arrive at their office and then overnight post to you. Expect them mid-next week and get a nice surprise if they happen to come earlier.

    Why the lack of news on Bioshock 2 being released for 49.95USD at the time of release - then bumped up to the $79USD price but still being honoured by Valve for those who bought it in that time frame?

    I feel a little ripped off to be honest.

      Sorry forgot a link that helps

        shoulda bought it of the european steam store sure its against Regs but due to a mistake on there part 40pounds went to 27pounds which after conversion to AUS dollars was $42

        id just ask for a refund on the whole game as the price was misquoted and you feel ripped off they will probs give the whole thing to you then just buy it again at the normal price

    Do you believe Peter Molyneux should be accountable for his years of false promises to the gamers of the world? I played Fable 1 and 2. Trees did not bleed sap in real time. For shame Peter, for Shame.

      Accountable? Probably the wrong word. He's basically been held to account now... and his self-hype is notorious. The games industry's 'boy who cried wolf'. I think most people now look for proof in his puddings, not in his hype.

    Why hasn't your "Ask Me Stuff" picture been updated to one from Mass Effect 2 yet?

      Hell, MY Shepard looks nothing like that. I'm just going with the flow this week...

    Greetings Seamus!

    I was wondering if anyone at Kotaku could shed any light on the lack of details for the upcoming Dragon Age expansion on the PS3. I can only find listings for the 360 and PC version in pal territories. Are we getting shafted with only a DLC release? Cheers.

      I've seen UK pricing for the upcoming DLC. So pretty sure that means it will be here as well?

        Sorry, I should have mentioned that I was talking about the expansion "Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening" not the new DLC "Return to Ostagar." The US are getting the expansion on disc for the PS3 but I can't find any mention for the rest of us.

            Yeah, thanks but again, that's not what I was asking. I know the US are getting the game on disc. I want to know if the disc will be out in PAL regions. I know the PS3 isn't region locked but the game saves etc are region specific and I don't have the US version of Dragon Age.

    did you hear the latest joke? video games are to blame for all the young people crashing cars. from mr scipione, the same police commissioner who incidentally was at fault in a car crashlast weekend

    Just spamming this in the 2 biggest threads of the day...

    People that are looking to get MAG... Check with your local GAME store, regardless of whether or not your pre-ordered, I was informed today that those that purchase a copy of MAG at their local (not online) will be offered to purchase the Official Sony Wireless Headset for $5

    $5 is a steal, considering they are supposed to be $79...

      Thats an awesome deal, I'll be sure to let my mates know about it.

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