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Ask Me Stuff

Every Wednesday I ask you to Ask Me Stuff. If you have a burning question about the games industry, leave it in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer it this afternoon.

I’ll be doing this every Wednesday.

Now, fire away with those questions.


  • David, have you heard anything on that bioshock novel being published by tor books? i assumed it would come out with game but i cant find news of it anywhere

  • My mate wants to go ahead and buy PlayTV for my PS3. But I’ve just read on Kotaku that Sony are bringing out another PVR, Torne. Should I wait for Torne or invest in PlayTV right now?

    • It looks like Torne is specifically for the Japanese marketplace. From what I can gather it doesn’t do anything different to PlayTV, beyond being aimed at the JP region.

      If you want a PlayTV, go nuts now – You might even be able to find one on the cheap on eBay or similar where people (like me) are selling them after getting them as part of the 250gb PS3 bundle. They handle “HD” (ie. The crap that passes for HD on Free 2 Air in Australia) no problems and once you update them after installation they’re Freeview compliant.

      I’d suggest hitting up for a pretty comprehensive ‘real-world’ Q&A on PlayTV. One thing’s for sure: I’d suggest getting a bigger HDD if you decide to get one.

      (Shame this wasn’t a few days back – Could’ve offered to sell you mine on the cheap, if I hadn’t already sold it!)

  • oh and there was a mirrors edge iphone game that was supposed to be coming out in january but i cant find anything about it either, thanks!

    • EA announced it was delayed from its January release “to early 2010”, whatever that means. I’m guessing sometime between now and the end of March.

  • Is there any word on a release date for the new ME2 DLC?

    Specifically the Hammerhead Hovertank and new party-member, Kasumi.

    • Sorry, and if they plan to deal with the tedium and general un-fun-ness of the scanner minigame?

      Thanks Dave… and welcome back.

    • Don’t suppose you know what the deal with that thing is?
      I played 50 hours of ME2 and nowhere was there room to drive a tank.

    • Sorry James, I haven’t heard any news on a date for new DLC. But if we look at Dragon Age as a precedent, I’d assume we’ll see one or two more items appear in the Cerberus Network by the end of March.

      I think if the scanning had a problem it wasn’t what you actually had to do, it was that you had to do so much of it. Some mineral rich planets could be dotted with more than 30 probes by the time it was depleted. My fix would be to only have about 5-6 hotspots per planet, so you’re in and out of the scanning process that much quicker.

      Oh, and @Jo: expect some new planets to explore when the vehicle DLC hits.

  • Two pretty unrelated queries David:

    Did the AUS office (be it you or your current co-conspirator) get any hands on with Heavy Rain? Will you be posting your thoughts or will that task be left with the US based Bloggers.

    Also do you know of any local distributors for Halo Legends? It recently came out on DVD, Blu-Ray and Direct Download and I was wondering if this is just the US release or will AUS share the love?

    • I played the first hour of Heavy Rain a few weeks ago and wrote up my thoughts back then. I’ve just received the full game and will be checking it out this week.

      Halo Legends is distributed through Madman in Australia and will be released first week of March. Look for a pretty cool promo on the site next week.

  • Whatever happened to Virtual Reality games? I remember various arcade-type immersive VR centres opening up many years ago, but nothing seems to have come of it….

    • yeah i was planning to order it in today didnt think theyd have run out of copies normally they have extras anyway(theres still ACII black and white editions in a pile at my local store)

      been looking all over everywhere seems to have it out of stock

      probs doesnt help that the US aint getting it at all

  • Can you get Harmonix on the blower and see what their stance is on new Beatles Rock Band DLC? even if they say they are not creating any more it doesn’t matter, just so we are not hanging out for something that will never come..

    • Harmonix are on record saying they won’t be releasing every Beatles album as DLC. They’ve so far done three – arguably the three most popular ones. If those three sold huge numbers they may do more, but it has been a while now. I wouldn’t get your hopes up.

  • Has the rise of the DLC killed the conventional expansion?, I personally like expansions way more than DLC because it seems like the developers are actually trying to earn your money rather than tiny game additions, what’s your take on it?, has DLC killed the expansion or can the two co-exist?.

    Remember the good old days when DLC was called a patch?, I seem to remember Blizzards Diablo 2 giving us about 200 new items and runewords and gameplay additions free of charge with patch 1.10.

  • A while back when ABC’s iview was released on the PS3 there was talk of the the 360 also getting the service in the future.

    I know the PS3 has a browser which makes implementation a lot easier but any word regarding iview on the 360?

  • I’ve been waiting for this section to ask about Red Dead Redemption.

    You know how the Australian release of GTAIV was ‘censored’ slightly- no pooling blood and most of the prostitute related stuff taken out- do you think Red Dead will get the same treatment?

    From what I’ve seen its a lot ‘bloodier’ than GTAIV, and there seems to be more open world activities to engage in, which might mean more stuff to potentially meet the ire of our Classification Board.

    Personally it’s the game I’m most looking forward to this year so I’m wondering if I should just import…

    • Red Dead Redemption has yet to be classified and Rockstar are unlikely to comment on the issue until the classification process is over. I’d expect we’ll have to wait until late March or early April to find out.

      However, based on what I’ve seen and played so far, I would expect it to be classified MA15+ without any edits being made.

  • I know I’m kind of breaking the rules and all since it isn’t Wednesday but considering you have to ‘moderate’ the comment anyway I figured this was the best forum to post my query.

    After the successful ‘pile of swag’ contest at the end of last year you implied a similar contest would repeat each month to continue the trend in high quality posts.

    Did I miss the announcement of the January winner or did this idea fall on the way side?

    • Yeah, I haven’t quite decided what to do there. Thing is, the amount of swag I receive varies so much throughout the year: loads in Feb/Mar, around E3 and then Oct/Nov, but considerably less in the other months. My current thought is to do it quarterly… but we’ll see!

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