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David's on the road today, so I'll be taking your questions. Whatever your burning question about the games industry, leave it in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer it this afternoon.

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Now, fire away with those questions.


    not sure if its been asked before but whats your view on project 10 dollar

    Is it good as it should promote new copy purchases?(which should but probably wont mean the prices come down a little)

    Or as some say completely unfair because they cant afford the price EB slaps on it but they can afford the 10 dollar cheaper used copy?

      I think Project $10 is ballsy, and while I wish consumers would win in the end it's hard to see that happening. Fact is, retailers are the only real winners on trade-ins. The give you low ball store credit in exchange for selling the game at very close to retail price. That's my issue. When 2nd hand price is just $10 less than RRP, it's a joke. And EA's effort demonstrates what a joke it is. If 2nd hand games were $50-$60 instead of $80-$90, this would seem a reasonable developer tax. But right now it seems to hurt everyone.

      Who knows what happens next.

        yeah thats basically my view essentially the trade ins are earning the company anywhere from 40+ dollars per game(which could be traded back to them numerous times over and over again) while the poor old developer suffers

        oh wells not like my PC games are very tradable anyways and there cheaper to begin with

        Ebay for the win.
        Not available for some no doubt but I regularly buy used games for around $30-$40: everybody but EB wins!

      I like the idea of the $10 Project.

      First up, we can all probably agree that DLC is (unfortnately) here to stay, so taking that on board, if there is a big game coming out, chances are alot of this readership will have it either per-ordered or will be buying it Day 1 or within the first week.

      So if that means I will be able to get access to some form of DLC either on the same day or when it becomes available for nothing and everyone else is paying $10. I'm all for that.

      Now as long as that DLC is something that adds extra to the main game (side missions, etc) and doesn't become something required to complete the game (ie: the DLC is the ending), then that's fine also.

      The 7 Day return policy might change because of this though, as a game returned in that time is generally going to be sold as a 'new' copy again. If the code has been used then you will know it wasn't new. Might actually mean that games will be sealed again and not opened and placed in cupboards, another good thing!

      Looking down the track, if you don't decide to buy the game straight away and await for a price drop, let's say between 20%-50% off. Chances are you'll still be able to find a new copy of the game somewhere, so you still have that opportunity.

      Even then if you can't find a new one, but pick up a cheap 2nd hand version (by cheap, meaning a realistic 2nd hand price) of the game, then as a consumer I don't have a problem then for paying that $10 for the extra content because it was my choice to wait for it to become cheaper. What I've saved will still put me in front than buying new on Day 1 and at least THAT $10 will be going back to the distributor.

    I was always wondering- did anyone eat any of the cheeseburgers sent in the Dantes Inferno buzz pack?

      I love a cold cheeseburger now and then, but I wasn't there. I imagine some dares went around the office before they were wholesale dumped in the bin.

    What are your strategies for keeping up to date in the peak gaming periods?
    So many games... so little time.

      Personally, I just don't get time to play everything. If there's a flurry of releases that are all important, I'll try to give each at least a good few hours to get a good impression, drilling deeper on something that really grabs my attention. I then often revisit games much later when the heat is off, particularly before a sequel is due.

    A vague question, I know, but I'm wondering if this is unique to me as a developer.

    Given the politics in the industry currently and the enormity of modern game development, do you find yourself romanticising the mid-90's as 'the golden period' of the industry?

    I look back at PS1/N64 titles like MGS, the Zeldas and FF7, and all I can think is how much fun it would must have been working on those titles compared to working on a project of equal scale on current-gen hardware. And not just developing - playing those games feels much more engaging than sitting down in front of Gears or Halo.

      I recently played (3 times over to get the tux :D) MG:S again. It just had that "just right" touch. ive always looked at MGS 4 and thought "wow, it looks too complex to have fun"

      The graphics wernt the best, but gameplay mechanics were good in my opinion. and you needed to have something more than insanely nice visuals in those days.

      I was also playing through FF8 but ive given up. 25 Hrs into the game and ive realised i missed getting the GF Siren at the around 2 hour mark. >:(

      I'm feeling like there's good times ahead. Like we're about to come out the other side of the era of 'bigger is better' and start getting back to a focus on good ideas, whatever their size.

      With a resurgent indy scene and new ways to make money off smaller ideas (from iPhone to XBLA / PSN / WiiWare) there's more chance to experience clever ideas from small developers, and for small developers to make some real coin.

    Is Kotaku planning on writing an article about the 16,000+ submissions 'Grow up Australia' has collected and sent to the Attorney-General's Department?


    I posted this question to Dave a few weeks ago, long story short I am a qualified electrician on a healthy wage. I would like to venture into the games industry and looked at some of the courses offered by AIE here in Sydney. What are the pros and cons and how can I broaden my gamer knowledge bank so as not to be jumping in the deep end. I partly blame world of Warcraft for these curiosities, but also not wanting to be in the same trade forever.

    Also as a non-facebooker, another previous question of mine is how about a Kotaku membership ?? Surely there's enough of us in each state and capital to get together etc.

    I know I asked a few months ago... but did you happen to find out the Australian release date for the Sith Edition of The Force Unleashed?

      No signs of local release. Seems like some places are selling it as an import, and there's even availability of the Mac version! Weird.

    Hi Seamus, I noticed on the GAME website that Black Wii accessories are now available from today. Do you know if the Black Wii console will be arriving in Australia soon too? Thanks.

      Indeed. You can find your answer here:

    I'm curious if you have heard anything about developers getting dev kits for the next iterations of DS or PSP hardware. I'll take a 'maybe'!



    I was wondering do you ever think we will see a study of games in the same way as say literature , poetry and film is studied in schools. I would love to see Bioshock on the HSC study list.

      Not before curriculum writers have shifted to a gaming generation? It's taken a long time for TV to even get a look in (is there much there now?) and it's also harder to conduct a shared class experience that gives everyone a genuine opportunity to participate. Hard, but it'll happen down the track.

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