At Last, A Keyboard With A LOL Button

The Fast Finger keyboard was made for people, mainly children, who are not yet comfortable with the QWERTY layout of most keyboards. It's also made for people who'd love to use just one button to type TTYL, L8R or BRB.

I saw this keyboard at Toy Fair 2010 in New York City yesterday in one of the aisles that had educational games for kids. The keys on the Fast Finger keyboard are laid out in alphabetical order, though a press of one button can rewire those keys to work in the standard QWERTY order instead. As you can see, it's simply a matter of the keys functioning based on the white characters printed on them or the red ones.

But look at the function keys at the top and you will see that with this keyboard you will no longer need to waste energy making four finger-taps to type ASAP. Nope. Just activate the red-letter functionality and you'll be typing ASAP with the single press of the button formerly known as F1. Type F4 and... CYA!

Imagine the added convenience to, I don't know, typing a comment here on Kotaku or chatting with someone in a gaming chatroom. (I do feel a bit out of the loop in terms of what HOAS and HRU would mean, so I wouldn't press those buttons.)

Here's a dramatic video pan of the keyboard. Apologies for the misspeak at the end. Turns out that the Fast Finger keyboard can be obtained through Amazon, but for a shade over $US20, not a shade under.

More details at the official Fast Finger Keyboard website.


    Thats garbage if it is suppose to be a convenience then why not write the entire word instead of some Alphabet Soup language?

    Far too many people simply can not type and or are lazy to write the whole word.

    No wonder spelling and grammar have gone down the drain.


        +2 (Self-confessed spelling and grammar Nazi)

        It's quite shocking how many people on the Net can't communicate using basic writing skills. How do these people get through life, jobs etc...??

          You're no Nazi! You used two question marks, and it should be "the 'net"

            lol wtf u trollin bro

    Sadly, i have been doing this for years. I have a G15. i Macro-ed the "G keys" to have all of these little acronyms. but, for the common man or for teenagers who think that the less you have to spell a word correctly, the better. Good for them.

    This is a sign humanity is doomed to stupidity.

    also seems counter productive to have the keys in alphabetical order nothing like telling a kid this is how your keyboard works but every other one works different

      Yep, I hate keyboards like this. You just have to get them to use a QWERTY (and if you're really uptight get them typing classes, but who the hell does that?).

    I don't think dumbing down the keyboard is good for kids who are supposed to be learning how to use one. Entirely illogical. Sooner or later they're gonna need to learn how to use a proper one, might as well be straight away when they're brains are still good at hording information.

    In terms of the shortcuts, damn how lazy can people get. Admittedly, I'm prone to using "brb" and "omg" but making already short "words" even shorter to use is just being silly. You actually burn calories typing on your keyboard. People who use too many abbreviations may actually have fat fingers....hey maybe there should be a study on that.

      Can't reply to this and have incorrect grammar so I should probably correct myself. "...when their* brains are still hording information".


          Thank you haha.

    Is it just me, or would this keyboard make it more difficult to teach children how to type faster, considering they would learn one setup of the keys, then change the keys over to the qwerty keys and they'd have no idea where any of the keys are again?

    And the F1-12 keys... That's just laziness. It takes a second or two for anyone with some knowledge of the qwerty keyboard to type out, but instead we're giving them abbreviations so they don't have to type as much.

    Being a 17-year-old girl, I understand what of the abbreviations mean, HRU meaning 'how are you', and so on. Thank you UrbanDictionary, for I had no idea was HOAS meant either. Turns out it means 'hold on a sec'. I don't talk to my school friends over msn or facebook all that often, because their abbreviations and 'chatspeak' really get on my nerves.

    Anyone who buys this for their children really needs to think about how this would affect their children. Surely the qwerty keyboard would not go out of fashion, because most people have adapted to it, and if an alphbetical keyboard was brought in to replace the qwerty keyboard, I don't forsee many people replacing their keyboards for something like that.

    I know HRU = How Are You?

    But HOAS... I have no idea... And apparently nor does the rest of the internet.

    Not a chance I'm going anywhere near this keyboard.

    HOAS - hold on a sec


    Lazy buggers. Some day when liquid meals start appearing in the large fast food chains, the end will be near.

    Though I agree with the comments here about dumbing down the language, I like the concept of words keyed to keys.

    Why not a keyboard that has the most used word that starts with each letter keyed to the letter, say by pressing ctrl at the same time. For instance I imagine the most used word starting with A would be and, so by pressing ctrl + a you would immediately write 'and'.

    No dumbing down the language, just quicker typing.

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