AU Diary: Drake Steals Some More Trophies

I went to the IGN Select Awards last night and gritted my teeth as you-know-what won honour piled upon accolade.

It was good fun though, one of those rare occasions where the local industry - mainly sales and marketing staff from competing publishers, plus a handful of media types such as yours truly - gathers together to celebrate. It's nice to see rivalries cast aside in favour of sharing a few beers and a laugh.

Yep, Uncharted 2 won everything it was eligible for, including the overall Select Award for the best game of the year as voted by IGN AU readers. The Sony representatives could barely carry all the trophies home with them.

Batman: Arkham Asylm, Shadow Complex, Scribblenauts, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, GTA Chinatown Wars and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 also picked up awards in other categories. Bless you, populism!

You can see the full list of winners here. I'm now going to have a nap and try to sleep off the hangover.


    How did MW2 get best PC game? Was it a dry year, a game that was a shadow of any form of former PC glory, and it got PC game of the year!?

    Interesting to gauge the demographic of IGN voters.

      Amusingly, the Activision rep who accepted that award remarked that "hopefully" there'll be dedicated servers next time.


        I'm guessing that next time they wont even bother with a PC version.

          Don't tempt fate!
          I don't want to lose cod on the pc, as much as I loathe mw2, it's still pretty much all I play. I just don't get adequately engaged by any other shooter. And BC2 blows, as much as it pains me to say. There is no hope bar the next cod installment!

    Why are companies so anal about PC versions? So it doesn't sell 7million copies and is barely able to make 1million. What would the costs be to make a PC version if the game was developed on PC, surely it'll at most one mans salary.

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