AU Diary: Wildgoose Left The Keys In The Engine

Some of you may remember me. I've filled in here in the past. Like the time I dressed up as a ridiculous homie for a Saints Row 2 giveaway. It was an age when Fallout 3 was just hitting shelves... which makes last night's big news on Fallout: New Vegas kind of appropriate timing to stop by!

Lately I've been doing things like running and hosting that new Byteside video show you may have heard about around these parts now and then. It's the greatest licensed venue live event tech and games video podcast in the history of the planet. True story. This week we talked about 'The Future' on the Games show with a panel including Jeremy 'Junglist' Ray, Guy 'Yug' Blomberg, and Stephen Farrelly from There, that's the personal plug out of the way...

David's had to take a quick break from work, so I'm sticking my nose in to keep you ravenous hordes sated while he's away. So play nice for the substitute teacher and we'll get along just fine.

Today I've spent some time hands on with Red Dead Redemption. More on that early next week.


    How long is David on leave for?

      Not sure yet. But he'll be back soon.

    Hands on with Red Dead Redemption?
    And youre going to make us wait until next week!?

      I don't need to know, the last 2 trailers have sold it for me... everything is basically based on the GTA engine, so there is probably only one question to ask...

      Is it fun like GTA used to be?

      Note - actually really enjoyed IV, but certainly I can see why some didn't like it as much as III, VC or SA... ;)

      I need at least a few hours to turn raw impressions into something coherent!

      If I was tweeting it, I'd say it's looking good. Damn good. Remember, this is the game the Rage engine was specifically created for.

        Dude... awesome... :D

        In the meantime, here's Heavy Rain demos for everyone else! :)

    Come on Seamus, you cannot drop a bomb like that and just leave us hanging!!

    How is it?! Is it living up to the hype so far!? oh tell me something please :P

    okay NOT off to a good start by teasing us in that last sentence.

    You are what we like to call a SOB!

    That homie image is possibly the best image to forever be immortalised in the internet by.
    Imagine, generations from now, people will image search "Seamus Byrne" for some (most likely) incredibly disturbing reason, and that'll appear; those shades, that pose, the backwards cap. And it'll stare into them, into the psyche, and speak to their soul.

    haha.. The master of fly by editorial duties returns!

    Enjoy your stay!

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