Aussie Nintendo Store: Flying High

What’s new this week for WiiWare, DSiWare and Virtual Console in Australia? Let’s find out from Vooks.

The Nintendo downloadable update is 6 games strong this week, with an even split across DSiWare and WiiWare. No Virtual Console this week, but after last week's strong showing we'll let it slide.

The big game this week is Flight Control (pictured) from Aussie developers Firemint, the ever popular iPhone game now on the DSiWare. The game brings all the charm of the iPhone version to DSiWare, and even a new level for you to check called Windy; it opens and closes the runways depending on the way the wind is blowing (as if the game wasn't already hard enough!). Multiplayer is back as well between DSi systems, but unfortunately leaderboards didn't make the cut this time. The game is only 500 points, which is a little more than the iPhone version but still great value, as it's got all the content added from all the updates.

The next two DSiWare titles come from EA. First is a 'Flips' title, which is a interactive story book about an evil toilet that's causing all sorts of grief. The Flips series is obviously aimed at kids, but they're more than just eBooks. The story will set you back 500 points. The other game this week is Downtown Texas Hold 'Em, which is the 250th poker game on the DSiWare service, but probably one of the better ones. Sadly, multiplayer requires each person to have a copy of the game; no download play here on this one. Again, this one is 500 points.

WiiWare this week plays a little catchup and a little, well, let's avoid that one. The final episode of the Tales of Monkey Island series finally hits WiiWare after it was released on for the PC late last year. You'll want to play the previously games in the season before you pick this one up of course, but it is a fitting finale to the season. More catch up again in the form of Brian Cadets; if the name didn't give it away already, it is a collection of mind-focused mini games set in a boot camp. It was released as Drill Sergeant Mindstrong when first made available in the US. And last and certainly least is Phoenix Wright: Justice for All. It again suffers the same port problems the original did (blown up graphics in a window from the GBA version) but at 1000 points it's pretty good value if you can make do with its presentation shortcomings. All of the other WiiWare titles are 1000 points this week, too.

 Brain Cadets (Rising Star Games – 1000 Points) Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Justice for All (Capcom – 1000 Points) Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 5 (Telltale Games – 1000 Points)

Flight Control (Firemint – 500 Points) Flips Terror in Cubicle Four (EA – 500 Points) Downtown Texas Hold’em (EA – 500 Points)

Virtual Console Nowt.

The Aussie Nintendo Store Update is brought to you by Vooks. Go check out his excellent unofficial Nintendo site.


    High Score on Flight Control so far is 33, I fail.

    Where is our Blaster Master Overdrive????? god damn.

      Tell me about it. I need my nostalgia fix.

        Not only Master Blaster Overdrive, but the damn original Master Blaster! It's been out in the US for ages, and AFAIK not here yet.

    Got 44 landed so far.

    Bought the game after seeing it mentioned here, and then watching a video of it on Youtube.

    Gotta support the aussie developers too!

      93 on the outback level! Try and beat that!

      *I wish this game had online leader boards!*

      Thanks Joshua, we really appreciate everyone's support :D

    All I want is Life Force and Super Mario Kart, where the hell are they.

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