Aussie Playstation Store: FFVIII!

Let’s find out what’s on the AU PlayStation Store this week. Is it just me, or does it feel a little like magic when a once whopping 4 disc Playstation classic becomes available for download on your PSP? Oh, and Age of Booty fans have exactly nine reasons to enjoy their weekend.

Remember, AU prices first, NZ prices second.

Playstation 3

Games Final Fantasy VIII $15.95 / $18.90

Demos Battlefield: Bad Company 2 FREE / not available Aliens vs Predator FREE / FREE

mini Spaceball: Revolution $8.45 / $10.45

Packs Topatoi: Episode 2 $9.95 / $11.50 Dragon Ball: Revived Warriors Pack FREE / FREE EyePet Lucky Dip Styling Pack 11 FREE / FREE InFamous - Gigawatt Blades Power Pack FREE / FREE

Guitar Hero 5 - Attack by 30 Seconds To Mars $3.45 / $3.90 - From Yesterday by 30 Seconds To Mars $3.45 / $3.90 - Kings And Queens by 30 Seconds To Mars $3.45 / $3.90 - 30 Seconds To Mars Track Pack $9.25 / $10.50

Rockband - Gone (Montgomery Gentry) $2.45 / $2.90 - Me And My Gang $2.45 / $2.90 - On The Road Again $2.45 / $2.90 - She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy $2.45 / $2.90 - Suds In The Bucket $2.45 / $2.90 - Swing $2.45 / $2.90 - Going Country Pack 03 $12.95 / $15.50

Age Of Booty - Age Of Booty Map Pack 1 FREE / FREE - Age Of Booty Map Pack 2 FREE / FREE - Age Of Booty Map Pack 3 FREE / FREE - Age Of Booty Map Pack 4 FREE / FREE - Age Of Booty Map Pack 5 FREE / FREE - Age Of Booty Map Pack 6 FREE / FREE - Age Of Booty Map Pack 7 FREE / FREE - Age Of Booty Map Pack 8 FREE / FREE - Age Of Booty Map Pack 9 FREE / FREE

Dante's Inferno - Free Soul Pack FREE / FREE - Small Soul Pack $1.75 / $1.90 - Medium Soul Pack $3.45 / $3.90 - Large Soul Pack $6.95 / $7.90

Videos Dante's Inferno Fraud Developer Diary FREE / FREE Hasbro Family Game Night trailer FREE / FREE Army of Two: The 40th Day - Mask Creator trailer FREE / FREE After Burner Climax trailer FREE / FREE

Theme Army of Two: The 40th Day FREE / FREE

Playstation Portable

Games Final Fantasy VIII $15.95 / $18.90 Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks $49.95 / $59.90 Astro Boy: The Video Game $49.95 / $59.90

Demo Half-Minute Hero Demo FREE / not available

mini Spaceball: Revolution $8.45 / $10.45

Packs LittleBigPlanet - The Savannah Theme - Costume FREE / FREE - The Gardens Theme - Costume Pack FREE / FREE - The Savannah Theme - Level Kit $4.95 / $5.90


    Half-minute hero looks pretty interesting. Too bad I don't have a PSP. I wish they'd just let you play PSP download games on the PS3 (couldn't be that hard for them to implement), I have no use for a portable games device so it'd be a waste for me to buy one just for the odd interesting game. (Although the PSP seems to get a fair few odd interesting games)

    I also half considered getting FF8, then I realised I still have my PC version sitting here in good condition. Not sure if it'd run under Win7 though...

      PSP emulation under PS3? You mean the way they gave us all PS2 emulation because it was so simple? Yeah, good times... oh, wait...

        I'm under no delusions it will actually happen. Although I question how hard it is for them to get working.

        Hell didn't some PS3 *have* partially working PS2 software emulation for a time (different from the ones with the extra hardware to do it).

        I'm thinking the problem isn't technical but business related (aren't PS2 consoles still selling pretty well?)

          No chance, that will never happen so long as Sony wants us to still have a reason to actually go out and buy a PSP. Same goes for PS2, once it's completely dead a buried they'll release a new firmware upgrade implementing PS2 compatibility which they've had on hold, but fully working for years.


    I've wanted to replay FF8 for ages, but my discs are so worn they are nigh transperant an ddo not seem to work.

    This is very good news.

      if you have old playstation games and they are broken, disc cracked on or anything you can legally download a playstation emulator and a rom of the game you own to play it on your computer.

      happyface time for you :D you dont need to buy it AGAIN.

    I actually own 4 different copies of FF8 (and 3 of FF7), the first I got on launch day, I got a new copy a few years later because the 3rd disk on my original was slightly scratched. And the other 2 I got in a Video Ezy sale when both were being sold for 5 bucks each. And I’ll still be buying this digital copy when I get some PSN money.

    So what, they can port over FFVIII but not FVII... wth!?

    Either way, i've still got FFVIII on disc somewhere, but i am dying to play FFVII again... and not have to pay $200 to get it!

    Jason Um FFVII is out on the PSN also for $15.95 it's been out for ages. And about time we finally get FF8 roll on FF9!

      Already cant wait for FF9 i feel its the best one but ill probably play this untill FF13 comes out and then play that untill ff9 comes out on PSN :)

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