Bad Company 2's Pre-Owned Sales-Stifling DLC Revealed

EA's "Project Ten Dollar" initiative marches on in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, with four multiplayer maps included on the disc, unlocked via VIP codes found only in new copies of the game.

Using the VIP code that comes packed in every new copy of Battlefield: Bad Company 2, players will be able to unlock two new maps upon the game's release - Laguna Alta for Conquest mode and Nelson Bay for Rush mode. Later in March, players with codes will unlock Arica Harbor for Conquest and Laguna Presa for Rush.

I say unlock because that's the terminology the official release uses. "Available in the box, the content packs are unlocked by simply inputting a VIP code."

The VIP codes in question are packed inside every new copy of the game. As expected, if you lose your code or purchase the game used, you'll have to shell out $US15 to unlock the content, which again makes "Project 10 Dollar" a bit of a misnomer.

I've confirmed with EA that the maps are definitely included on the disc, which means that purchasing a used copy of the game gives you a disc with content you can't access. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

It's one thing to offer downloadable content for a game like Dragon Age: Origins or Mass Effect 2, where not having the additional content doesn't necessarily lessen your experience. It's something else to restrict content included on the physical disc itself, so that pre-owned customers are restricted to the multiplayer matches they can participate in because they haven't paid EA. The fact that the maps are located somewhere on a disc that the pre-owned purchaser owns just seems like a slap in the face.

I do understand EA's desire to keep money in their pockets instead of pre-owned game retailers, but surely there's a better way to do it than this.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 hits North America on March 2.


    Eh I'm cool with them being on the disk, they are after all free if your buying new and take all of 30 seconds to unlock as soon as you play the game for the first time.

      Ok, I am the co-owner of a small game company and I completely disagree with this. I'll say that it really does suck that games can be bought used, but what a person does with their copy of the game after they buy it is their own business. This person bought the game and has the right to resale the whole product to another person. I can think of tons of examples of this happening in other fields as well as entertainment. Examples: (1) Used DVDs (2) Used Books, (3) Used cars, and the list can go on and on. Movie producers don't cut off the last 30 minutes of a movie if you buy it used, authors don't cut out the last chapter if you buy it used, and car manufacturers don't take away the rear axle if you buy used. Games having this happen are like having any one of the previous things happen and then having their creators asking for extra money to regain the parts they took away simply because you bought used. Gamers out there, fight this now because it is ridiculous.

    Modders will release a patch that unlocks them for PC.

    As I was planning on buying this, but don't play multiplayer... maybe I'll save some money and buy second hand.

      maybe you can save like $5 at EB games... you really should play the multiplayer... i got hooked on BC1 having never played MP before that (didnt have a gold account until then)

      i think the single player is going to be equal to the multiplayer's awesomeness but it is still really just to prepare you for going online and getting your ass handed to you. all the time running around having an absolute unmatchable blast, almost looking forward to how you are going to eat it next time.

    What about the Steam copy ? I've pre-ordered the Limited Edition off steam and dont want to miss out on any content.

      You'll get them, I doubt EA would be that stupid :P

      Like every other Steam release, it will tell you the key(s) for your program when you first launch it, so you can input them when required. It will contain all keys.

    Said before on many websites that this has never really been an issue for PC gamers as the used game market is tiny due to CD-Keys these days generally being tied to an account or activation limits and also the rise of steam.

    Since i am getting this for PC it doesn't really effect me and is a bonus.

    Not a good trend to see for used game buyers.

    Whats the big problem with them being on the disc... if they can fit on the disc fine and saves gamers installing say 400MB onto their HDD then so be it.

    Either way, whether ME2 and Dragon Age were different or not - its all the same point. Project 10 Dollar.

    Who cares if they're on the disc - if you buy a brand new copy you won't have any problems so, all smiles!

    What's next? Ford refusing to support second-hand cars?

    If I buy something, I should have the right to sell it when I no longer want it. Screw EA for ripping off its paying customers - the original purchasers who now can't sell their game. THEIR game - including the "DLC" on the disk.

    You've paid for the whole thing, but EA thinks you only have the right to onsell part of it. Get stuffed.

    Fuck the game industry just gets worse.... quite saddening actually. Dirty tactics to loot small amounts of money off a large number of gamers for absolutely nothing.


    There's a valid reason to have a gripe with this but in the end it's just DLC. You buy DLC when you purchase a new game anyway. It's merely incentive to pay full retail. What's wrong with that?

    Ultimately I don't really mind because I've preordered, and It's gonna kick arse!!!

      What a shame the multiplayer's botched!

    Companies like EA are making money hands over fist off people who buy the games when they first come out, now they want to make money where they hadn't made money in the past, expansion is a fine concept but to screw your customers over to do it is the problem. Also, I rented this game to see if it was worth buying, I am frustrated by being kicked out of matches because I don't have a VIP code that was never offered or given by the rental company. Also what about the parents who have multiple kids and rents games instead of buying them they're f'ed because EA wants to make a quick $15 bucks? Ridiculous. This VIP code issue has me seriously contemplating not purchasing this game, I have MW2 and yeah they screw you by purchasing map packs but at least they're up front and honest about it and when you transfer it to the next person or rent it you can play the game without being kicked out for some stupid VIP code that I have yet to figure out how you can even get for $15!!!

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