Bargain Hunter: Tanks For The Discount

If you're looking to pick up the Wii-make of Resident Evil Zero, it's hard to go past the price currently being offered at Target. Of all places.

Target has Capcom's survival horror game going for just $39 in its catalogue which ends Wednesday.

Zero is part of the Resident Evil Archives series, joining Resident Evil 4 and the Gamecube remake of Resident Evil in coming to Wii. For the uninitiated, Zero most resembles the latter - with its fixed camera angles and tank-like controls - but it also dabbled in some of the co-operative play Capcom would further explore in Resident Evil 5.

At just shy of forty bucks, it's definitely worth investigating.


    Lets not forget the co-op was kinda singleplayer turn-based, not twoplayer live co-op. Still inventive for the time. And Rebecca's a cutey.

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