Bargain Hunter: Where's The Best BioShock 2 Deal?

BioShock 2 is out next Tuesday, February 9. We've already taken you through the various preorder deals and limited editions, so today let's find out where you can get the best BioShock 2 deal.

I’ve trawled through a bunch of online and traditional Aussie retail outlets, and here’s what I’ve discovered. Note: Console prices first then PC where different.

Aussie Gamer $69/$64 (PS3 version is actually $72) CD Wow $73.95/$47.95 Chaos $92.79/78.76 Dick Smith $99 DVD Crave $79.95/$69.95 DVD Orchard $99.95/$87.95 EB Games $108/$98 GAME $109.95/$89.95 ($89/$74 web only price) The Gamesmen $98.95/89.95 Gamehead $101.40/$86.10 Game Planet $94.95/$84.95 Games 101 $89.95/$79.95 Games Warehouse $99.95/$89.95 Game Zoo $99.95/$84.95 JB Hi-Fi $89/$79 (online price) Quick Play $91.90/$78.52 WOW Sight & Sound $99.95

The top two are the clear winners here, especially since both Aussie Gamer and CDWow offer free delivery with their online orders. If you're not interested in those limited editions then you may as well save heaps on the regular edition.

If you’ve spotted a better deal, let us know in the comments.


    Kmart has it for $78 once it comes out.

      Guess that means Big W will have it for $77 -they seem to announce their catalogue a day or two later and with big releases are $1 cheaper than Kmart...

    WOW PC version for $47.95 @ CDWOW

    Pfft sif the PC version is so much cheaper than the console equivalents :(

      Well you don't need to pay for any licencing to make a game for PC.

      Its inflated of course, but that extra charge for console games is basically Sony or Microsoft's cut for using their platform.

      Very simple way of looking at it but its more or less accurate.

    $60-65 on Steam if you can get 3 mates to go in on the 4 pack.

    That also gets you a free copy of the first bioshock, if for some reason you haven't played it yet.

    I am currently looking for a fourth so email me at [email protected] if anyone is keen to go in on this deal.

      The US steam its aprox 30-40ish ea for the 4 pack

      So heed that warning

      If you buy through the us store, the price is 44.99 by itself or 129.99 (there about) for the 4 pack. It is unfortunate the we have to pay roughly double the price =|

        Step 1:

        Step 2:
        Add Bioshock US version to cart for US$44.99

        Step 3:
        At Checkout set Country to US, State to CA (California) and Zipcode to 90210.

        Step 4:

        Step 5:

      no matter what dont buy it off the australian Steam store just use the same link as above except UK instead of US and then just change country to united kingdom and leave everything the same as normal

    i'm gettin it from
    today's deal of the day is rapture edition for £29.95 + £2.35 postage to ACT. Works out to about $58 Au. I know i won't get it on release day but i'll be OS until the end of feb anyway so I don't mind.

    Steam US 49.99

    But currently pre ordering it its 10% off and they give u Bioshock 1

    I hope the art book(?) thats with the rapture edition is worth the $10 more.

    Got a 4 pack for the US price off steam. Worked out to just under $39 each for the four of us. Bargain!

    Im going to buy my copy in HK at the end of month. Sure, Ill have to wait a few weeks, but it will be about $55Au there

    Playasia for me. Also for ME2. $50US, maybe $60AUS?

    Pre-ordered mine with EB Games as they seem to have the best collectors edition.
    Also nice to know that 2K Australia is located LITERALLY just down the road...

    I hear that GAME has some good prices. $89 for Consoles and $79 for PC. Standard Edition.

      Yeah that is correct lol
      Its also $104 for the Rapture edition.
      But if its anything like my store everywher else wouldnt have many :)

        Just picked it up for $69 (new) from Gametraders in Carillon City Arcade in Perth. Sweet.

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