Battlefield: Bad Company Demo — Over 3.5 Million Served

Electronic Arts is bragging that its Battlefield: Bad Company 2 demo on PS3 and Xbox 360 has been downloaded more than 3.5 million times since its release last month. Yes, demo bragging is officially a trend now.

Particularly as this is the second time EA has chosen to crow about its BFBC2 demo. Nine days ago it said the demo had been downloaded 2 million times. That was on the heels of EA claiming another 3 million downloads of the demo for Dante's Inferno, which I can't even type without hearing Bill Withers.

Over the life of the console demo, Battlefield Bad Company 2 has already seen 500 million kills to just 25 million revives. That's a lot of teammates not givin' a damn. There also have been 100 million vehicle kills, to just 30 million destroyed vehicles.


    Well not everyone is a medic are they? What if you want to revive team mates AND take out vehicles, you can't do both!

    Team play works wonders but as always I rarely get it unless I play with my friends. And the vehicle KD is not surprising, those things own and a lot of bell ends think that sitting miles back and aimlessly killing the defending team is a lot more important than...yknow...winning. Thats the most detrimental team tactic I suffered apart from just general griefers who were unkickable...


    When I see a squad of attackers man a vehicle and waste it by camping somewhere pointless and mowing down the endlessly respawning defenders, it makes me angry.


    Considering that it is also not taking into account the PC beta, i would almost double those figures to get a true reading of how many people are playing this game in Beta/Demo.

    There are seriously so many people playing this game on PC.

    Am I wierd? I just want this game for the Single Player mode... i wasnt impressed with MP but I loved Bad Company's single player mode.

      Yeah... You might want to get that looked at.

    Oh its 3.5 across both consoles... woop di doo.

    About 1/3 of those realized its not for them by downloading the demo. Sorry EA - I do like you, but you don't have a MW2 killer in your hands with this one.

    Medal of Honour perhaps, but still no bets.

      this is definately a MW2 killer unless you mean in sales. that won't happen because the casual gamers have never even heard of bad company

      MoH is another game that will sell purely on name alone. it has been around consoles forever unlike the BF series.

        Agree with you there Glennc.... BFBC2 is definately the MW2 killer but it may not happen in sales because of the midless MW sheep that think it's the best game on the planet. Seriously I was over it after COD MW1 and MW2 is EXACTLY the same shit! For some reason people think this is the most awesome sequel ever... why?

        BFBC2 blows me away with it's variety, vehicles, classes, destruction and the tactics you have to use to win. Yes MW2 fans.... tactics. You know, when you work together to complete an objective as opposed to running around willy-nilly shooting everything that moves.

        This game is gold.... after a while, people will cotton on to it I believe.

    It's likely a MW2 killer more due to IW's inempt community support (twitter.. exclusively twitter.. really?!) and the horrendous amounts of bugs, exploits and console hacks currently present in MW2.

    Oh and that little 'dedicated servers' thing, might be something there too. On PC it'll compete with MW2 based on that fact alone.

    If I was the boys at DICE i'd be very tempted to send 402 and crew a nice big cake with 'Thank You!' written on top.

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