Behind The Scenes With LEGO Harry Potter

How do you combine a magical, best-selling series of children's novels with the magical, best-selling series of children's imagination toys? I suppose game development magic would do the trick.

I've read maybe two chapters of a Harry Potter book, and I've seen maybe two and a half of the movie adaptations. So no, I'm not a big Harry Potter fan. So why the hell am I eager to play LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4? I've complained about being burned out on the LEGO adventure games in the past, but something about this one just rings a bell with me. Perhaps it's the new split-screen multiplayer feature, or maybe those two chapters and two and a half movies resonated with me on some strange, subconscious level.

I might as well pick it up. My older brother is a huge fan, so I'll have someone to play the game with and someone to explain the parts I don't understand.


    Not used to the split-screen yet - I haven't got the new Indy game so it figures why. But i just LOVE the LEGO games. If it's one thing they do right, its delivering good solid FUN and ENTERTAINMENT in video games.

    As tacky and G-rated as the cutscenes may be, they are funny as hell. Oh and they're among only a small amount of games these days to not be crippled by bugs and glitches everywhere you go.

    Looking forward to this - Lego Batman was my least favourite. It just didn't suit the theme of the Lego games IMO. Indy had the whip and Star Wards the light-saber. Harry Potter will have the MAGIC. Batman just fell flat with the stupid gadgets I believe.

    The only downside i can possibly see with this Harry Potter version is that fact its based on the "books" or "films" 1-4, which are the all the weakest. I've only read the first 3 and half of 4 but seen all the movies. If you're not a HP follower but wanna watch some of the movies, you can easily avoid 1-3 (although 3 is great) and watch 4, 5 & 6 without being confused. You could even just watch the last hour to half hour of 4 and still follow the plot. But nothing (except 7 and 7.5 upon release) can beat the brilliance of #6.

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